Horror Show Sunday: Crushing Your Enemies

Those fun-loving Muslim morons in ISIS are back, this time with another creative way of killing their enemies in the name of Allah.  A couple of weeks ago I reported that they used acid to melt their victims, now they’re going back to stoning, but on a large scale.

In Yemen, ISIS released a video entitled “Crush Your Enemies” where they showed a prisoner being slowly crushed by a boulder.  I guess it’s no surprise that these Muslim monsters appear on Horror Show Sunday so often.  They’ve earned it with their evil.

Of course, they like to mix it up and in the same video, they also tied an “infidel” to a chair and gunned him down and another was beheaded.  The video also serves to show an ISIS fighter named Abu Hanifa al-Holandi, a student from Holland, who went to Yemen to join ISIS.  He strapped on a bomb vest and blew himself up near the Yemeni Presidential palace.  I’m sure his parents are so proud.

Actually, they weren’t.  They were horrified when they found out what their son had done.  According to his father, “He liked playing football and had friends. He’s a good boy, everyone knows that. When it happened, his friends all came here. They didn’t believe it either.”  Hey, this is what happens when you get hyper-religious.  You lose all sense of reality.

So what do we do about these Islamic animals?  And yes, they are acting out of their religious beliefs, there is no question whatsoever that they are.  There is something wrong with anyone who defends these religious monsters and there’s no surprise they virtually all fall on the political left.  How many stories do I have to do, with people screaming “Allah Akbar!” as they commit atrocities for the liberals to acknowledge that this is a religious problem?  I suspect we’ll go on for a very long time before that happens.

2 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: Crushing Your Enemies

  1. Far too many on the political left appear to be blinded by the form of multiculturalism into which they have been indoctrinated, one where fears of colonialism, imperialism, and what too many confuse with racism. Again and again, it leads them to excuse some of the worst atrocities and human rights violations. It is almost as if they would rather ignore stoning and acid attacks than face up to the fact that a fundamentalist version of Islam is pretty awful.

    1. The problem is, all versions of Islam are pretty awful, they only "improve" when western Muslims are taught to patently ignore what's actually in their holy book and teachings. The same is true of Christianity. If you read the Bible, it's horrible. Christians in the west only manage to avoid being horrible by pretending that the horrible bits in the Bible aren't really there, or rationalizing their way around them.

      These are terrible religions. The fact that some people follow the religions incorrectly doesn't change that.

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