Horror Show Sunday: Targeting Minorities

We haven’t talked about those fun-loving Muslims in Bangladesh lately, but amazingly enough, they aren’t going after atheists this time, but Hindus.  Two armed Muslims attacked a leading Hindu priest, Jogeswar Roy, hacking him to death with cleavers.

“The priest was preparing for morning prayers when they pounced on him and slit his head from the body at the verandah of his home inside the temple,” reports Shafiqul Islam, a local government official.  “We recovered a blood-stained cleaver from the spot.”

Two Hindus were injured in the attack, including one that was shot when he tried to save the priest. Immediately, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, as they have with several other murders of non-Muslims recently, but local authorities suspect that Jamayetul Mujahideen Bangladesh is actually responsible as they have been behind several religiously motivated murders of late.

Muslims had been attacking the Hindu temple in Bangladesh’s Panchgarh district for quite a while, throwing rocks and setting off explosives.  This is the first time that actual violence against any of the Hindu priesthood or parishioners had been carried out however.  But you know, that religion of peace has no history whatsoever in murdering those they disagree with.  Oh wait…

Actually, Bangladesh has a long history of Muslims murdering religious minorities, just because they don’t follow Islam.  Even though ISIS has no official presence in the country, they still claim responsibility for tons of murders of foreigners and religious minorities in the name of Islam.  Again, there is simply no way of arguing that these murders are not religiously motivated.  Local Muslims refuse to tolerate anyone who doesn’t follow their religion.

Bangladesh is a downright dangerous place for people who don’t toe the local religious line.  Horror Show Sunday has showcased many of these cases and will showcase many more, I’m sure.  This is what happens when religion is allowed to run rampant with no secular control.  Bangladesh might be officially secular, but that doesn’t stop the religiously delusional and violent.

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  1. Is- Lame is a religion of peace. A piece of you over there. A piece of you over here. Send in the clowns/ clowns meaning DRONES !!

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