You’re Costing Us Money!

Seriously, I get sick and tired of websites complaining about ad blockers.  “We can’t survive if you don’t disable your ad blocker!”  Well then you should probably adopt a better business model, shouldn’t you?

That’s the thing.  You adopt a particular business model and consumers decide if they will support you.  Now I don’t care if you plaster your site with ads, I am not going to look at them.  I’m not going to accept pop ups, I’m not going to follow retail links, I’m just not.  And I don’t care if that hurts your revenue stream, that’s your problem, not mine.

The real issue is that advertisers have completely shit the bed with their obnoxious, intrusive and often destructive advertising, desperately trying to get my attention.  Not interested.  So they got more and more and more obnoxious as time went on and people got tired of it, companies wrote ad blockers and it stopped being an issue for everyone except the websites that relied on advertiser revenue.  If nobody is seeing the advertising, the advertisers won’t want to pay for it and the websites lose money.

Well whose fault is that?  You’ve got the advertisers who are just dicks, at least the worst of them, and that makes the entire industry suffer.  It wouldn’t be so bad if some of the big advertising sellers like Google would simply refuse to take any ads that included animation, sound or anything that is intrusive, maybe if that all entirely went away, people wouldn’t care so much, but so long as there is a risk of annoyance in any website you visit, those ad blockers are staying put.  And let’s not forget the ads that deceptively try to install viruses on your computer or send you to porn websites or the like.  So long as those exist at all, I will never run without an ad blocker again.

The second problem is the websites themselves.  Ads are low cost and potentially high return.  You don’t have to actually do much of anything to get ads on your site.  Just set up an AdSense account and Google does the rest.  You just get money rolling in.  Advertising is for lazy websites.  I’m not impressed with lazy. These websites don’t have to actually earn people’s business, they just put up click-baity nonsense and people walk into a wall of advertising.  Why should anyone respect that?

That doesn’t stop websites from whining and complaining, but whose fault is it that advertising of this kind has become the norm?  Come up with a better plan.  You might think you deserve that revenue but nobody consulted me and since it’s my eyes that make you money, I think my consent is pretty important.  Whether these websites like it or not, they are a business and being a business is more than just slapping up some ads and slipshod content.  It requires hard work.  It requires finding a business model that your customers, and they had better be seen as customers, both agree to and are willing to engage with.  Clearly, advertising is not that model for a lot of people.  So instead of whining that people are rejecting your model, it is your responsibility to find a model that people don’t reject.  That means that Google and other ad-pushing companies need to totally reject the kinds of ads that people hate. Because ad  blockers didn’t appear in a vacuum, they came about because people hated these ads.

So please, find a way to earn my business.  Be worthwhile.  Be useful.  Don’t make my eyes bleed. Don’t be lazy.  Be a business and treat me like a worthwhile customer and I’m happy to give you my money. That’s how you make a profit.  Ads aren’t it.

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