Horror Show Sunday: Dissolve the Heretics

At least they’re creative, I guess.  Those fun-loving mass murderers in ISIS have killed 25 people, deemed spies, by lowering them into nitric acid and letting them dissolve.  Maybe throwing people off of roofs and stoning them is getting boring?

In northern Iraq, 25 men, accused of spying on ISIS from the Iraqi Security Forces, were tied together and lowered into a large vat of nitric acid.  They usually use the acid for fertilizer and explosives, but I guess they came up with something new and novel to use it for.

ISIS, which had been on the ropes, had begun new murderous activities as part of a rebound.  In addition to melting “spies”, they murdered a 7 year old boy for daring to “insult the caliphate”.  The boy, named Muaz Hassan, was playing ball with his friends when an ISIS fighter accused him of swearing.  He was arrested for “cursing divinity”, which is seen as an insult against the caliphate, and after a quick “trial”, he was taken out into the street and shot before a crowd of 700.  Because, you know, 7 year old kids are such a danger to your ridiculous religion.

What really drives me crazy are the people who are willing to excuse the religious component of these people’s actions.  One comment said “These scumbags are murderers who have no religion.”.  Um, stupid, they’re in a group called “The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria”.  That’s what ISIS means!  Are you mental?  But of course they are, they want to defend Islam against all reason because it’s practiced primarily by brown people.  The kind of absurd liberal racism that abounds out there is disgusting.  Sure, tell me how non-religious these people are.  It’s not like they’re all holding Qur’ans or anything.  Oh wait.

I don’t know why I’m surprised anymore, either at the cruelty of Muslim extremists or the idiocy of liberals.  Maybe Trump might have it right, he vows to totally destroy ISIS to the last man, which is certainly better than the idiots on the liberal left have managed.  This is just more victims reported on Horror Show Sunday.  There will surely be more.

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  1. Even if someone wants to argue that people like this would kill without their religion, I'm not sure how anyone could argue that their religion doesn't have everything to do with their victim selection. Seems relevant.

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