Horror Show Sunday: Convert or Die

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with Islam!  I mean it isn’t like they are chasing other religious groups around with weapons, demanding they convert or die.

Except they do.  In Pakistan, a small community of Chrsitians was chased from their homes after a video appeared on Facebook that one of the local imams took offense to.  So, holy shit, more than 1,000 Muslims showed up to force their religion on everyone around them.  More than 100 Christians were forced to flee for their lives, claiming they only survived thanks to the intervention of riot police.  The imam demands that person who posted the Facebook video be presented before him so he can be burned alive for daring to insult Qur’an.  The Christian, Imran Masih, denies he posted it.

In fact, it appears that this is a religious hit.  Masih confided in a friend that he was attracted to a Muslim woman and immediately thereafter, he was declared a heretic.  Now, local Muslims are ostracizing the Christians, not allowing them to buy or sell goods, because Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance, as we all know.

This is what happens when religion is allowed to fester and become radical.  It’s why we need secular society to keep these crazy ideas in check.  You don’t see the secular threatening to burn people alive because of their religious beliefs.  It’s only the religious that do this.  And we can’t forget the terrors of Christianity that spent hundreds of years throughout Europe pulling the same thing.  No religion is innocent of this kind of horrific thinking.

Now you have hundreds of Christians fighting to survive against the Muslim majority.  They have no homes, they have no food, they have no water and, because of the crazies surrounding them, they have no hope.  I have no love for Christianity, quite the opposite, but when you have two groups with imaginary friends screaming at each other, nobody wins.  But that’s just another day on Horror Show Sunday.

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