Horror Show Sunday: Impregnation in the Name of God

We all know that religion and child predators go hand in hand. The Catholic Church has a long history of protecting pedophile priests and it only takes a minute of perusing the Religious Horror Show to find all of the sex abuse against children done in the name of religion.

Well here we go again.  This time, a Pennsylvania pastor is accused of raping and impregnating one of his parishioners.  Not only that, but he stalked her for at least 5 years, from the time she was 12 to the time she was 17.

Jacob “Jake” Malone, former pastor at a church in Mesa, Arizona where he met the young girl when she was a minor.  Malone later moved to Minnesota, where he contacted the girl’s parents and convinced them to allow her to move in with him and his family.  She did and later, they moved to Pennsylvania, along with Malone’s wife and three children.  Malone is accused of, on at least one occasion, sexually assaulting the girl and impregnating her.  Real stand-up Christian there.

According to Detective Scott Pezick of the West Whiteland Police Department, Malone “was somebody from the church offering to help her, guide her. And that was the problem. She was looking for guidance and an adult to look up to, and she was taken advantage of.”

But this isn’t the first girl that Malone had sexual contact with.  Another woman reports that he had molested her between 2009 and 2011, back when he was in Mesa.  Who knows how many others will come out of the woodwork as time goes on?

Why is it that organized religion is such a rich hunting ground for these predators?  Because people instinctively trust their clergy and that allows people like Malone to select targets and get into their good graces and also to keep them quiet when they’ve done the deed.  After all, you don’t want to piss off someone who is in good with your imaginary friend in the sky, do you?

I have no doubt that we’ll find out more about Malone as time goes on, but can anyone say they’re surprised?  This is why Horror Show Sunday will never truly go away, it just shines a light on the cockroaches that infest religion and they will never vanish either.


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