Religious Belief vs. Business

A lot of hardcore Christians seem to think that if they operate a business, they get to impose their personal religious beliefs on that business and that business can simply act as an extension of themselves, such that they don’t have to cater to anyone they don’t personally like.  These people are idiots.

The reality is, people are not governed by laws as public entities the way businesses are.  Businesses cannot arbitrarily decide not to follow labor laws, they can’t say they are religiously opposed to the minimum wage and other employee laws, therefore they are not going to provide it.  They can’t use a religious exemption to get out of following OSHA laws.  And whether they like it or not, they don’t  get to use their own personal religious beliefs to discriminate against blacks or gays or women or anything else.  You are not your business and your business is not you.  It’s time to get that through your head.

Of course, these same people are ridiculous hypocrites.  If another religiously-based business decided not to provide service to them, they’d throw a fit and scream religious discrimination.  Because only their own religion gets to discriminate.  They can discriminate against you, you can’t discriminate against them.

But the fact is, society has largely moved beyond religion.  Society has decided that discrimination is wrong, period.  It doesn’t matter why you discriminate, nobody gets to be the exception to the rule. You can believe whatever crazy nonsense you believe, you simply cannot impose it on others, be it through the government, through the law or through your publicly accessible and legally licensed business. By getting that business license, you obligated yourself to follow certain rules and laws.  Read the fine print. Don’t go complaining that now you have to do something you don’t want to do because you think your imaginary friend in the sky demands it.  Even your own religion says that’s wrong.  Render unto Caesar and all that?  But they only care about that when it’s convenient, don’t they?

Frankly, anyone who thinks their religion comes first needs a good swift kick in the head.  That’s not thinking that the modern world needs.  We’re moving into a post-religious world in the west and it’s one of the best things that has happened in centuries.  There’s no reason we should allow the religious knuckle-draggers to hold us back.  Any decision made by any business that violates secular law should be stomped on, period.  It doesn’t matter why that decision is made, it is illegal and hence needs to be stopped.  Don’t make this an us-vs-them thing, make it the law vs illegal actions thing.  And if they want to whine to their silly gods, by all means, let them do so.  I don’t think any of us are afraid of being struck down by bolts of lightning, are we?

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