Nothing Worth Talking About

Recently, I was bored so I decided to stop in over at one of my old stomping grounds, the Debating Christianity & Religion forums.  Now I had walked away from it a while back because very little ever happened there, you really never got any decent debates and most people there on the religious side were either complete fanatics or so mild in their beliefs that I don’t know that they really take it seriously at all.  Neither were at all interesting to have a debate with because they were either too committed to their beliefs and unwilling to consider alternatives, or so uncommitted to their beliefs that it was like talking to jello.  So I just walked away for a while.

But upon going back, the problem hadn’t changed, in fact, I’d argue it got worse.  The majority of the Christian fanatics were gone, banished for being assholes, but the milquetoast theists were still around, albeit in smaller numbers.  The whole forum is now atheist-heavy, which honestly isn’t much fun for someone like me who doesn’t want to be in an echo chamber, but who wants to engage in debate with serious theists.  But as before, everyone is just talking about minor doctrinal matters and such and is ignoring the only question that makes any difference:  do gods exist?

Because without that question, everything else is meaningless.  It’s putting the cart a couple of light years in front of the horse and expecting it to move.  Who cares about doctrine when the basis for that doctrine hasn’t been established?  That’s really the only debate that matters and it is the one that nobody wants to talk about.  Why quibble about minutia in the Bible when the whole basis for the Christian faith hasn’t been demonstrated?  Why argue about faith when the subject of that faith is so nebulous?  And of course, once you establish whether a god actually exists in objective reality or not, most of the rest of these debates become pointless because there will be very few people on the other side to argue against.

So why doesn’t anyone argue over the existence of gods?  Because there is no argument to be had. The theists have nothing to present and the atheists have nothing to argue against.  You get some theists who don’t know the difference between a philosophical argument and actual evidence, but they’re not fun to talk to because they just make unsubstantiated claims and expect you to take them seriously.  And at the end of the day, they won’t change their minds anyhow because their heads are muddled with blind faith.

I’m one of the oldest people there, I’ve had an account since 2007 and have never won a “most civil debater” award because I don’t care about making people happy, I care about getting evidence and nobody has any.  I guess it’s only a matter of time before I say the hell with it and walk away again. I’ve largely given up talking to theists at all because I know that they have nothing and it’s all ultimately a waste of my time.  I have better things to do than watch philosophical masturbation day in and day out. What’s sad is that none of these people have anything better to do than engage in it.

4 thoughts on “Nothing Worth Talking About”

    1. But that's the problem, there is a point, they have nothing to present and that ought to totally destroy their arguments and beliefs. But they just don't care. They have lost the battle, they just don't care. Because the battle doesn't matter to them, only how they feel. Theists have had their asses handed to them in every single encounter, they simply don't give a damn that they lose because they don't really care if they're right in the first place. That's what's so frustrating.

        1. But they are demonstrably harming society because of their choices, even if they aren't trying to force their views through the law. I am not content to let people be stupid because their stupidity affects others.

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