What Happened to Atheist Blogs?

I really haven’t had much of a chance to read blogs lately, but I went back through a bunch of blogs that I used to keep up on, only to find that the vast majority have either entirely stopped publishing, or haven’t published a new entry in more than 30 days.

What the hell happened?

I know that a lot of atheist bloggers have given up the ghost, or at the very least reduced content dramatically, over the past year.  Even I have decided to scale back how much I post, from a hard 4x a week to whenever I feel like writing something, which has averaged 2-3x per week.  And considering I also post twice a week on my YouTube channel, I’m probably producing as much or more content today than I ever was before.

That still doesn’t answer where all of the atheist bloggers have gone.  Did they burn out?  Did they simply move to other social media outlets?  I really don’t know.  A lot of the bloggers who actually explained what happened have said they’ve said what they wanted to say and are tired of repeating the same old things over and over.  I can certainly agree with that, after almost 11 years of blogging, I have covered just about every topic I can, and even when I think I have a new idea, I find that others have already gone over it exhaustively.  There are no new ideas in the world, to paraphrase Mark Twain.  This is especially true when it comes to religion because there are no new ideas in religion either.  It’s the same old tired empty claims, made without evidence, logic or reason, held emotionally, not intellectually. How many times can you point out the flaws in these arguments before you just get tired of trying?

But still, out of a dozen blogs I used to follow, only 2 still publish with any regularity.  5 are simply gone. None of the rest have published a new post since at least September, I have no idea if they ever will again.  Did something huge happen while I wasn’t looking that caused them all to implode, or is it just my bad luck to be following people who, for whatever reason, just don’t want to do this anymore?

It’s an interesting question.  It would be nice to find an interesting answer.

5 thoughts on “What Happened to Atheist Blogs?”

  1. Although the answers likely differ for different bloggers, I think you probably captured the big ones when you mentioned burnout and feeling like one is saying the same thing over and over again. I saw this happen at a handful of the blogs I followed for 3 years or more. Content gradually morphed from all atheism all the time to far more diverse content, with posts dropping in frequency, and eventually disappearing altogether. Many of us have branched into things like freethought, politics, and other topics that are peripherally related to atheism if at all. That's one of the reasons I've been able to keep going.

    My recent post The Need for Rational Voices

    1. I've never done all atheism, it's always been a mix of things that interested me and I've always done it because I had something to say, not because I think that I'm going to change the world. But these days, I struggle to say something that I haven't already said and because the world, especially with regard to religion, never changes, my responses to this never-changing emotional disaster aren't new or fresh or, at least to my mind, interesting. And if nobody is listening, what's the point of doing it at all? You might as well be writing it all down in a journal and keeping it on a drawer somewhere. I just know that there was once a wealth of people worth following and today, only a handful actually produce any content on a regular basis.

  2. "Why Evolution Is True" (Jerry Coyne) still has a blog, well worth following.

    * CFI's Paul Fidalgo has The Morning Heresy at CFI's site, chock full of secular/skeptic/humanist news most days.
    * Of course there's Hemant Mehta and his team at The Friendly Atheist.

    Maybe the problem is expecting atheists to do everything in text.

    * Sam Harris Waking Up Podcast is still going strong.
    * Thunderf00t Phil Mason is still very busy on YouTube.
    * NoelPlum99 has a lot of interesting stuff on YouTube

    I do miss the focus we used to have… 4 years ago? 5 years? … on the philosophy of science, and on scientific topics themselves. That piece is much reduced now.

    It seems to have become more about legal and political stuff, which is great, but we need some balance.

    1. I still read WEIT occasionally, but it's more about cats and people taking pictures of wildlife than anything interesting about atheism. And I don't much care about "news", I care about debate. I want to see people directly taking on religion, which isn't something commonly seen these days.

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