NASA: Dreamers vs. Pragmatics

It’s funny to watch the left scream about Trump, claiming that he will destroy NASA and bring down science to please his religious overlords.  Of course, the fact that Trump has already said that he wants to increase funding to NASA doesn’t seem to make a difference to them, they just know what he’s going to do!

But the reality is, while I am a huge supporter of NASA and other scientific advancement, I’m also a realist and pragmatically, I have to admit that the vast majority of what NASA has done in the past couple of decades hasn’t really done much for humanity.  Exploring for the sake of exploring doesn’t really do much for the world at large.  Exploration and the pursuit of knowledge certainly has its place, but we need results and honestly, we’re not getting much.

So for the future, I want to see NASA actually produce something worthwhile that benefits people in the here and now.  Sure, I think exploring the solar system is fine, there are questions we want answers to and I’m cool with that, but what do we actually get for our billions of dollars spent?  What new technologies are we getting that are being developed for the space program?  We want a permanent colony on the moon?  To what end?  What do we get out of it, other than being able to point to a moon colony?  How do the people of earth benefit from this undertaking?  We’ve had a long string of space stations, what did we get out of having the ISS that we didn’t get out of earlier stations?  How are we better today on the planet Earth than we were before the shuttle program started?  I honestly want to know.

Unfortunately, you get the liberal left, a group of self-identified dreamers, who don’t actually care about what their dreams achieve for humanity beyond good feelings and emotional comfort.  They want to climb mountains because they can, not because getting to the top of the mountain actually achieves anything.  We’re spending billions of dollars sending probes out into space, but once those good feelings fade, what did we get from our investment?  Because that’s what it should be, an investment, not just money flushed down the liberal toilet.

This is something we need to consider for all of our programs.  How is spending that money making anything better?  Liberal social programs?  Do they actually solve the issues or are they just tossing money away?  I think most of us would admit that these programs don’t actually do a thing to stop poverty, they just make it easier for the poor to be poor on the taxpayer dole.  That’s not a good program!

Ultimately, that’s why liberalism is such a clusterfuck.  It doesn’t care about the facts, it cares about the feels.  It doesn’t care about the results, it cares about emotional comfort.  It has no goals other than feeling good, no matter how badly the program turns out, so long as you get an emotional high out of it, they’ll keep whacking that button for the next treat, even if that button is slowly electrocuting them to death.

And you wonder why I hate liberalism?

One thought on “NASA: Dreamers vs. Pragmatics”

  1. That's right ! That money Liberals want to spend on science, education, job training, protecting the environment, feeding children and making the world a better place for all is being wasted. Conservatives want money spent on Conservative things on like More Wars, Bigger Guns, Bible study, bailing out irresponsible banks,Corporate welfare, Jesus and Tax Breaks for the rich. Conservatives are so much better?

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