Turns Out Obama Has Been Useful After All

I’ve been thinking that Obama was a complete waste of space over the past 8 years, but it turns out I was wrong.  In fact, Obama has been tremendously useful while he’s been in office.  He’s shown how ridiculous liberalism actually is and it’s had a tremendous effect on the political landscape.  Since he’s been in office, Democrats have lost power across the board, both in the House and Senate, as well as state governors!

You have to remember that this election wasn’t just a condemnation of Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate, but of all of liberalism, as Democrats lost big absolutely everywhere. Starting in 2017, Republicans will be in power across the political landscape, they will be in the majority of both the House and the Senate, they will have the Presidency, and, from what I’ve read, 35 out of 50 state governors will be Republican as well.  To say this isn’t a condemnation of liberalism is absurd.  And this has been a long time coming, it isn’t one election, it’s a dramatic fall from the day Obama was elected, when people see just how harmful these kinds of liberal policies are, and the voters make their displeasure known.

Now I’m not saying I support the GOP, I certainly don’t, I think they are far too liberal as well, especially on the fiscal side, but to see the special little snowflakes out rioting in the streets, throwing a fit because they didn’t get their way, it’s hard to take them seriously.  I mean, even in 2008 and 2012, you didn’t see Republicans out lighting things on fire because Obama won, did you?  You didn’t see Ted Nugent, a complete douchebag if ever there was one, making death threats against Obama, did you?  We’re seeing the true immature children at work here and they’re all regressive leftist assholes.

The left has failed.  Obama has failed.  Clinton has failed.  The American people have seen clearly what an utter disaster liberal policies have been.  I’m sure it will swing around in the next election, it always does, but for the left to scream that their ideas are best is simply not true in reality. The American people have made their voices clearly heard.  Thanks Obama for one thing, showing how awful your brand of politics actually is.

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  1. You forget Obama also saved the economy, has created millions of jobs, Killed Bin Laden, appeared on camera for an interview with My favorite Atheist Bill Marr. Yeah kind of useful.

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