And They Wonder Why They Have Problems?

I was in a Del Taco today having lunch, when three black women, all with young children, come in and sit at the booth next to mine.  Now normally, I wouldn’t even notice, but they were not only all very loud, but they were probably the best example of what’s wrong with the poor black community.  It was hard for anyone in the restaurant not to know exactly what they were doing and what they’re doing is having problems.

So what were they doing?  Well, apparently none of them were capable of referring to any of the others by anything but “bitch”.  There was a lot of “nigger bitch” going on too.  These are apparently friends, I guess, calling each other “nigger bitch”, dozens of times while I was there.  And if that wasn’t good enough, one of them had a young girl, maybe 3-4 years old, who was wandering around the restaurant. She got called “bitch” too.  You know, “get your bitch ass over here” kind of thing.  Clearly these are the best parental examples you can find.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Not only are these “nigger bitches”, but they fuck anything that moves.  They were talking about some guy, I have no clue what that was about, but all of them had fucked him.  They were engaged in a loud conversation over who had fucked him first.  All of this was going on in front of their kids and, as I said, everyone else sitting in the restaurant.

Finally, they had ordered a couple of burritos, one of them was still hungry and she tried to go up and lie that she hadn’t gotten her complete order.  This is after they all talked, again very loudly, that she should go up and lie about it.

These people have absolutely no shame.  I don’t think they’d know shame if it bit them on the ass.  They don’t care how they look to others, they don’t care that they’re turning their kids into mini versions of themselves, destined to scrabble for change to buy a burrito or try to rip off a restaurant because they want more.  That’s the kind of people black culture turns out.  Uneducated idiots, covered in tattoos, breeding up a storm, fucking anything that moves, with foul mouths, trying to steal from anyone they can.  And we wonder why they are so unsuccessful in life?  I don’t.

3 thoughts on “And They Wonder Why They Have Problems?

  1. Sadly, there are horrible parents of all races who behave this way. I have observed White, Black, and Latino parents sell drugs to dangerous individuals they did not know with their infant children in the room while loaded guns were a few feet away on the floor. I have seen White and Black parents beat their toddlers in grocery stores and leave their children unattended in cars. I have seen White and Latino parents use drugs to the point of losing consciousness while their young children screamed in the corner. I have seen White parents teach their children to steal. I don't think that what you witnessed here has as much to do with Black culture as it does with widespread idiocy and shitty parenting.

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    1. Well, to be fair, it's better termed as "ghetto culture" than "black culture" because everyone in the ghetto acts the same way. But there's an added problem that the far left has spent so much time telling poor blacks in particular that nothing they do is their own fault, that they can blame "institutionalized racism" and "white people" for their problems, that I usually, at least when I'm specifically talking about blacks, call it black culture. We do have a problem in this country with telling poor people that they bear any responsibility for their own problems. I think it's worse for blacks, but I don't think that's where the problem stops.

  2. I have seen poor parenting a lot these days both from Blacks and whites. This is a sign of lack of respect for themselves has well as others. Happy Holidays Cephus.

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