The Libertarian Lunacy Returns

While there’s a lot of drama going on with the Trump victory and the whiny, crying Clinton supporters, there’s one more thing that nobody should be surprised at, the complete and utter failure of the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.  Anyone with half a clue knew that he’d lose and by a ridiculous margin, but you still had those crazed libertarians thinking that this time… this time, he might win.

Except they’ve been saying that about libertarian candidates for nearly 50 years and it hasn’t happened yet.  It hasn’t even been close.  Their candidates are barely a speedbump in the political road and they’re not getting better.  I could see it if they were consistently getting more votes in election after election, but they’re not.  They’re stagnant.  If anything, they’re getting worse.  And if they couldn’t make any traction in this election, an election between two major candidates that everyone hated, it’s time to pack it in and give it up.

Except they won’t.  They won’t admit the reality that their political platform doesn’t resonate with any significant portion of the American public.  That’s why they lose, because nobody likes them, but you won’t see any of them admitting it, will you?  Instead, they make excuses.  It’s all rigged.  There’s a conspiracy theory keeping them out of power.  Everything but accepting the ridiculously obvious, that they lose because nobody in their right mind wants them to win.

And I called it.  It wasn’t hard to do.  It was painfully obvious that Johnson was not only going to lose, but was going to lose by an absurd margin.  He didn’t pick up any significant steam in this election than the party had in any other, and if you can’t make tremendous strides here, give the hell up.  But libertarians won’t do it.  They’ll continue to make excuses for why their boy screwed the pooch when they were so sure that he’d have a good showing.  They can’t admit that their failure comes from their platform, not from some vast conspiracy to keep them out of office.  The Libertarians are a laughing stock.  They always have been and they always will be.  You know what they call people who continue to do the same thing over and over and over expecting different results, right?  And that’s exactly what libertarianism is in the west.  Completely, totally and utterly insane.

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