Smoking is Not a Tax on the Poor

There are a ton of really idiotic propositions coming up on the California Ballot, which by the time you read this will probably already be past.  One of them, Prop 56, wants to raise the cost of tobacco again to pay for a whole bunch of liberal causes.  But the major argument that I’ve heard against it is, get this, that tobacco taxes unfairly target the poor.

Um… nobody is forcing them to smoke, are they?

The idea is that a disproportionate percentage of poor people smoke, hence if you raise taxes on tobacco, they will be unfairly harmed by it.

Or they could just stop smoking.  Why in the world would someone who has very little money be throwing it away on things like tobacco and alcohol in the first place?  Of course, that assumes that these people are acting rationally and, if they were, they most likely wouldn’t be in that situation to begin with.

Now personally, I don’t care what the taxes on tobacco are because I think anyone that smokes is a complete idiot to begin with.  If you make a choice to do something that is known, without a doubt, to harm you, how can you point fingers and complain when you get harmed?  In fact, the prevalent use of tobacco and alcohol among the destitute is probably one of the reasons they are that way, but nobody ever bothers to think about that.  Because thinking is hard and sometimes uncomfortable and nobody ought to be required to do anything that doesn’t make them happy 24/7.  Or some kind of liberal bullshit like that.

Nothing changes the fact that smoking and drinking is a choice.  It is not mandatory.  It is not helpful. It costs money.  You make a choice and accept the consequences.  If you make a bad choice, you get bad consequences.  While I reject these kinds of liberal money-grabs out of hand, I still think the argument against the proposition is utterly asinine.  It doesn’t disproportionately target the poor, the poor are disproportionately self-destructive and stupid.  That’s why they’re poor.  Learn the difference between correlation and causation.

But of course, the left will just accuse me of being every kind of “ist” they can think up because they can’t handle reality.  They can’t handle people being required to take responsibility for their lives.  It’s all about excuses and complaints.  These people are idiots.

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