The RNC Congressional District Census Part 4

So here we go on the last part of the 2016 RNC Congressional District Census, this time dealing with National Defense. It’s a short 6 questions, but I fundamentally disagree with a huge part of modern Republican rhetoric when it comes to this area. So yeah, we get back to me being a conservative first and a Republican a very distant second, because Republicans are not conservative today.  But let’s look at my answers.

01. Fundamentally, do you feel the U.S. should play a major leadership role in the world, or do you feel we should concern ourselves only with matters of immediate national interest?

Somewhere in the middle.  Like it or not, we are not the world’s policeman, we have no responsibility to go around “helping” other countries and swinging our dick around.  That’s been the Republican position for a very long time and it’s time they knocked it off, it’s made much of the world hate our guts. That doesn’t mean we should be totally isolationist, but we also don’t run the show.  We are part of a global community.  We don’t own it.  We’re partners and need to act like it.

02. Which of the following do you think will have the most impact on America’s foreign policy in the next 5 years?

They list things like the Middle East, North Korea, China, Russia, the world economy and terrorism and I think terrorism is it.  Then again, the Middle East is largely to blame for terrorism, so I guess you could throw that one in there too.  But the reality is, nobody wants to actually do anything about terrorism. They just want to talk about it.  They want to fly a couple of drones over and bomb them and wave flags and give speeches.  Neither party has the balls to admit openly that the problem here is Islam.  Not all Muslims, certainly, but these terrorist groups are getting their ideas from a major world religion and we have to be honest enough to admit it, no matter who gets pissed off by it.  And Muslims worldwide need to acknowledge the reality that their religion is largely to blame for the radicals and make fundamental changes to their religion and to their holy book.  But they won’t do it either.

03. Should the U.S. do more to defeat ISIS and other terrorist groups in order to win the War on Terror?

We’re not serious.  We never are in any of our “wars”.  It’s just a show of force so we can talk about it a lot and feel like we’ve done something, but we never actually have the commitment to finish the job.  The last time we had that was WWII.  Today, we’re a nation of wimps.  As soon as we start to see the body bags come home, we want to give up.  That’s not how you win.  It is going to take a massive number of casualties on both sides, hopefully more on the enemy side than ours, to take down these power structures, but we’re unwilling to do what it takes.  Until that changes, we will never win.

04. Should America take military action if necessary to keep Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons?

No.  I feel more comfortable with Iran having nukes than with some of our “allies” in the Middle East having them.  Iran wants to be a hegemonic power in the Middle East.  Let them.  Stop all this pathetic dick waving nonsense because Iran once made us look bad.  Grow up and get over it.

05. Do you believe America should be open to taking in refugees displaced by the current turmoil in the Middle East?

I don’t have any respect for most of the so-called refugees to begin with.  I liken it to the American revolution.  If early Americans had run away and begged other countries to take them in instead of standing up and fighting, America would never have existed.  The fact that so many people are unwilling to stand up to the threats in their own countries shows that they have no interest in that plot of land to begin with.  It isn’t like a huge natural disaster rendered parts of their countries unlivable, they just don’t want to put themselves on the line to fight against what they supposedly oppose.  And at least some of the people coming across as refugees are just playing a part so they can spread terrorism worldwide.  That’s not a good idea for anyone.  I’d rather hand out guns to the idiots looking to escape, turn them around, tell them to grow a pair and expect them to retake their own countries.

06. Should the government make it a top priority to combat cyber-attacks on our nation’s government, businesses and infrastructure?

Of course we should.  Treat cyber-attacks like any other attack and meet it with deadly force.  I don’t care where these people are coming from, make them dead. Very dead.  Make enough of them dead and do so consistently and you won’t have many willing to risk their lives.  That’s how you handle all external threats.  Fill body bags.

In the end, this census was pretty much what I expected.  Lots of Republican rah-rah and very little substance.  And, of course, they ask for money at the end, which not only no, but hell no.  You people haven’t earned a donation.  I’m not voting for Trump because I like Trump, I’m voting to keep Hillary out of office.  I’d much rather have no President at all for 4 years, given the low quality of the candidates this year.  It couldn’t hurt, it might even help.  How about we give that a shot?

I’m just wondering if the Democrats do this kind of thing too?  It would be interesting to see someone post the Democratic Congressional District Census and see if they’re doing the same kind of softball rah-rah nonsense too.  I’m sure neither side has the slightest interest in actually changing their platform, neither side actually cares what resonates with the majority of the American public, they just want their base to tell them how wonderful they are and how much they hate the other side.  So long as this country is as ideologically deadlocked as it is, nothing will ever change.  And that’s sad.

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