News Flash: Actions have Consequences

Had an interesting experience today, I was on the way back to the office after having taken an employee out to lunch.  We were late getting back and were driving down a busy street with a lot of traffic with a speed limit of 50.

There was this guy who was clearly drunk or on drugs or insane, who was just running out in traffic.  I trust you can see where this is going.  He ended up getting plastered by a truck right ahead of us, and let me tell you, ragdoll physics in video games  gets it exactly right.  This guy went flying and got folded in ways that nobody ought to ever get folded.  He was dead on impact and probably better that way.

My employee was a bit traumatized, I guess he’s never seen a dead body before, but I’ve seen more than my fair share.  I’ve dragged bleeding people out of burning cars, I had someone try to kill themselves on my property last December and she crawled up to my door for help.  I saw someone in a sports car ram into a brick wall at full speed while not wearing a seat belt and became a bloody smear on the wall.  If you live long enough, you see your fair share of death.  Most of it is due to human stupidity.

But this isn’t about people dying, it’s about people realizing that actions have consequences.  Now I have no idea what was wrong with that guy, but if you go running around in busy traffic erratically, something bad very well may happen to you.  You need to consider the potential consequences of your actions and decide if those consequences are acceptable before you act.  Keep in mind, this isn’t some guy just jaywalking across what is essentially a 6 lane freeway, which is idiotic in and of itself, this is someone who was playing chicken with cars, running back and forth.

So when we got back to work and were relaying the tale, people were asking if I felt sorry for the dead guy.  Nope, not a bit.  He got what he had coming to him.  The one I do feel sorry for was the guy who hit him, who was totally blameless in this situation.  Now he’s been traumatized and probably has extensive damage to his vehicle caused by some imbecile who did something utterly stupid.  He’s the one who deserves sympathy, not the moron who went for a ride 20 feet straight up.  People die every day.  Some people deserve it.  This was one of them.

I get why people get upset seeing this kind of stuff, what I don’t get is why people get overly emotional. You didn’t know said person, the person really had it coming and this walking advertisement for the Darwin awards has no one to blame but himself, if he could blame anyone, which he no longer can.  It’s time to move on and worry about the people who don’t deserve to be victimized rather than cry for the ones that did it to themselves.  I’m sure I’ll get called all kinds of names for saying so, but that’s an emotional reaction to what is really a wholly rational decision.  Hold people accountable for their actions.  They have consequences after all and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that playing in traffic is a really bad, and potentially deadly, possibility.

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