The RNC Congressional District Census Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of the 2016 RNC Congressional District Census.  As it has been every year that I’ve written about it, this has been nothing but rah-rah fist-in-the-air pro-Republican bullshit.  They don’t want to know what’s wrong with the party, they only want people to tell them how right they are.  Nowhere in the entire census does it let you actually provide answers to anything, which I suppose I can’t be surprised at, can I?  So let’s get started looking at domestic issues.

01. How confident are you that America’s economy will improve in the next year?

Not at all.  Oh, I’m sure that we’ll see some things get better and some things get worse, but overall, things won’t get dramatically better.  It doesn’t matter which party gets into power, the result will be the same because the parties are so fiscally similar and both vote-whores, that it really doesn’t make a difference.

02. Which of the following factors do you feel will help the economy fully rebound?

They give a bunch of different options, including “elect a Republican President”, but honestly, none will help because, as I’ve said, the whole political system is a complete clusterfuck.  Neither party wants the economy to fully rebound and neither party has the tools, or the ideology for that matter, to actually make a lasting difference.  The Republicans, ostensibly conservative, are closest, but they’ve taken leave of their conservative senses and are just out for votes and power.  The only way we’re going to get back to a strong economy is to have a complete culture shift toward actual conservatism and that’s just not going to happen any time soon.

03. President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats in Congress have made a major increase in the federal minimum wage a top priority. Do you think forcing companies and small business owners to pay a higher wage at this time will help or hurt the economy.

Overall, it will hurt the economy and not fix anything.  I’ve written on this before so I don’t think doing so again is worthwhile.  The only way to raise low wages is to improve low wage workers.  It’s basic economics that you can’t pay someone more money than they bring in to the company.  But nobody wants to place the blame for stupid employees on the employees and that’s a problem.  Then again, the whole idea of personal responsibility is one lost on the GOP right now.

04.Do you think Republicans should push to reform the federal tax code and replace it with a fairer, more equitable system?

I certainly think it should be done, I don’t care who does it, but the whole tax code needs to be simplified and all of the loopholes need to be removed. But again, nobody really wants to do this because in so doing, you’d put a ton of tax preparers out of work because if people could understand the tax code, they wouldn’t need to pay someone else to do their taxes.  And of course, the GOP wants no part of taking away the tax loopholes and tax advantages from their buddies in the business world, so that just won’t get done.

05. If yes, which proposal would you endorse?

The list a bunch of options like flat tax and VAT, but the only one I’d agree with is “curtailed tax breaks and closed loopholes”, which as I said, they’d never actually do.  Make absolutely everyone pay taxes and don’t give any breaks to anyone, period.

06. Democrats continue to promise voters that the best cure for many of America’s problems is to spend countless billions of new dollars in failed liberal entitlement programs. Do you believe Republicans must do all in their power to block any and all such efforts?

What about the failed Republican entitlement programs?  I can’t say conservative programs because entitlement programs, by their very nature, cannot be conservative.  I want everyone’s entitlement programs blocked, period.  That means no more military expenditures that are not absolutely and demonstrably necessary.  That means no more business loopholes.  That means no more handing out money willy-nilly simply because it’s easier than addressing the core problem.  But nobody actually wants to do that.

07. Have you or has anyone you know lost health insurance or a doctor due to ObamaCare?

Absolutely.  I know lots of people who have had to change doctors, even though Obama promised it wouldn’t happen.  But Obama is an idiot.  I know people who have had to change insurance, it really isn’t possible to lose it entirely under the ObamaCare program because there are state and federal exchanges where you can buy insurance, and in fact are required to buy insurance.

08.  Have your insurance premiums increased since ObamaCare went into effect.

Personally, mine did.  My wife’s didn’t, but then again her company covers 100% of her insurance costs so she has no premiums whatsoever.  I think everyone’s went up to a certain degree.  Thanks Obama.

09. Do you support Republican efforts to replace ObamaCare with a market-based system that would allow Americans to control their own health care?

You know, I’d honestly rather see health insurance go to catastrophic care only and have the day-to-day stuff be covered out of pocket.  That’s how it used to be, if you went to the doctor, you didn’t have an insurance card, you just gave them $100 or whatever it was and saw a doctor, usually same day.  I think the widespread adoption of health insurance is one of the major things that have contributed to the health crisis in this country.  I support people being responsible for their own lives.  Get the government the hell out of the picture.

10. Would you support immigration reform that included securing our nation’s borders and a path to citizenship for some people living in the U.S. illegally if they would be required to learn English, go to the back of the citizenship line, have a job, pay taxes and pass a criminal background check?

Absolutely not.  Yes, I want to secure our borders, but I do not agree with rewarding people who are here illegally in any way, shape or form, period.  You shouldn’t get special treatment just because you’ve managed to evade capture.  We need to tighten up on who we let into the country and stop pretending that people have a right to come here, just because they want to come here.

11. Do you trust that the Department of Homeland Security is presently capable of effectively screening all new immigrants and refugees who wish to legally enter our country for jobs, education or travel visas?

I don’t trust Homeland Security farther than I can throw them.  But to expand on what I was saying before, we, as a nation, have every right to decide who gets in and who does not.  We decide who is good for us and who is not.  No immigrant deserves to come here.  No refugee deserves to come here.  They do so at the behest of the American people, based on their ability to do things for the country.  But the majority of people who want to come here are people who are, let’s be honest, a waste of human genetics. They are the poor.  They are the entitled.  They are the uneducated.  How do they benefit us?  They do not. They become a drain on our welfare system, a system that is already vastly overtaxed.  They become criminals.  They clog our jails.  Why in the world would we want any of them here?

12.  Do you think one of the government’s top priorities should be to preserve the financial stability of Medicare and Social Security?

No, not really.  But then again, I figure that by the time someone retires, they should have secured their own financial future. The idea that people are going to retire after a lifetime of living frivolously and then expect the government to send them a check for the rest of their lives is ridiculous.

13. The Democrats’ fixation on “climate change” has led to costly regulations that are negatively impacting our nation’s economy across-the-board. Do you think climate change is a major threat to our nation?

Define “threat”.  Is it going to affect things?  Yes.  Is there anything we can do about it?  Not really. All we’re doing is wasting time and money.  Even if the United States reduced our carbon output to zero, that has no effect over what places like China and India are doing and guess what?  We have no control over them.  What the liberal left is doing is running around like chickens with their heads cut off and not considering the reality of the situation.  They desperately want to believe that anthropogenic global warming is a thing and not that the environment changes naturally and we’re seeing a natural shift that is entirely beyond our ability to control.  That’s something I’ve said before, they want to find someone to blame for things instead of just accepting things as they are and finding a way to deal with it.  But both parties are just as bad in that regard.

14. Are race relations in America getting better or worse?

Worse.  Obama and the expanding liberalism in this country have been disastrous toward race relations. This is a liberal problem.  The liberals are ridiculously racist.  That’s what they pay attention to and what they scream about.  Race and sex and all of that should be irrelevant.  There is no evidence that institutionalized racism or sexism exists at all but they are convinced that it does, or at the very least, that they can whip up the gullible by claiming that it does.  I don’t think the Republicans have any means to combat this though.

15. During Barack Obama’s presidency, poverty levels in the United States have risen. Do you think a key element of the Republican Agenda should be to restore opportunity and work to help lift people out of poverty without expanding entitlement programs?

I don’t think it is the job of the federal government to “lift” anyone out of anything.  It is the job of the people to improve their own lives.  Sure, we can offer them help if they want it, but to force it on people is ridiculous.  If you fail and aren’t willing to work hard to get better, it’s your own fault.

16. Do you believe that Barack Obama’s Executive Order and more federal laws that impede individuals’ Second Amendment rights are the proper response to gun violence in our nation?

Yes, Obama is an idiot, just like the rest of the anti-gun imbeciles on the left.  However, the Republicans are idiots too.  They don’t understand what the 2nd Amendment actually says and why it says it, they entirely ignore the first half of the amendment and pretend that anyone can own anything, period.  They’re a bunch of morons.

17. Does it concern you that if the Democrats win the White House and control of the U.S. Senate they will appoint liberal Supreme Court Justices and Federal Judges who place their own political ideology above strict Constitutional principles?

And if the Republicans do the same thing, they will do the same thing.  Neither side is actually interested in supporting or defending the Constitution.  All of the so-called “conservative” Justices vote their own opinions and beliefs, just like all of the liberal ones.  Both sides need to fuck the hell off.

18. Abortion will continue to be a key issue in November’s elections. Do you think the Republican Party should:

My response was to get off the abortion train.  So long as that is part of your platform, you will continue to lose.  You lost 50 years ago.  Get over yourselves.

19. Do you believe pro-abortion organizations should receive hundreds of millions of dollars in funding by the federal government?

Considering those organizations receive those funds for non-abortion services, hell yes.  The Republicans are delusional.

Next time, I’ll take on the last part of the census, national defense.  This one ought to be fun.  See you next time.

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