The RNC Congressional District Census Part 2

As I said last time, it’s clear that the Republican National Committee just wants to be placated and told that they’re doing just fine, which is the complaint that I always have when I fill out one of these things.  They don’t want to know why they lose, they want to be told that it isn’t their fault, which is clearly a liberal idea if ever there was one.  The reality is, if they want to start winning again, they have to do a major return to actual conservatism again and they simply don’t like that.  But let’s get started on section 2, shall we?

Section II – General Issues

This is a relatively short section but there’s a ton to unpack here.

1. Do you think our country is moving in the wrong direction, or do you feel things are  going in the right direction?

The wrong direction, but it is doing so regardless of what party is in power.  Bush 2 was arguably one of the worst presidents we ever had.  He was also the least traditionally conservative in recent history. I do say traditionally conservative because what they’re calling conservative today is anything but.  Saying “Gawd” every other word doesn’t make you conservative.  It just makes you an idiot.  Actual conservative values have nothing at all to do with religion and that’s been lost in the modern GOP.  We’re only going to get back to the right path when we get back to being real conservatives and not this religiously-delusional quasi-liberal nonsense that the Republican Party has become.  Now I’ll be honest, as much as I dislike Trump, he’s been talking a lot closer to the conservative path than anyone else, especially early in the campaign.  Now that he’s the official nominee though, he’s been tossing in all the regular religious talking points and that’s disgusting.

2. Do you trust the federal government to act in the best interest of the citizens of our nation?

Nope, but I don’t trust the GOP any more than I trust the left.  You’ve lost any respect I might have ever had for you.

3. Do you think “political correctness” has gotten out of hand in America?

Asks the party that pushes for “religious correctness”.  Yeah, freedom of speech is important, the right to say what you want to say without anyone to punish you because it makes people feel bad.  But both parties do it for their own pet issues, so it really doesn’t matter which pile of crap you elect, they both still smell.

4.  Please indicate the top five issues that you believe are most important to people in your area:

There’s a long list of possible issues and instead of going through each one, I’ll just give my five picks. At the top is economy/jobs, government expansion, federal spending, immigration and cutting the federal deficit.  None of those are things that the Republicans are going to do a damn thing about and we all know it.  For all of Trump’s talk about a wall, it isn’t ever going to be built and if it is, it will be some ineffective half-ass measure.  Nobody wants to take real immigration control seriously because it’s a political hot potato.  Doing what needs to be done is political suicide.  That doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be done, it means nobody will ever do it.  That’s what politics has become in America, not doing anything that needs to be done because it will cost you votes.  They sit around and talk about it but they have no interest in actually doing it.  The same can be said of issues like government expansion, with the GOP being responsible for the single largest expansion of government power and size in recent history. The same can be said of issues like government spending, with the Republicans voting to borrow tons of money from China, just as fast as the Democrats.  If we can’t live within our means, we’re doomed.  To help the jobs situation, the solution is simple, but Trump doesn’t want to admit it.  Make it as expensive to produce goods overseas as it is in America.  The only reason these companies went overseas is because it’s cheap.  Pass a law requiring American companies to follow American laws, including wage, safety and environmental laws.  Require companies based in America to follow the laws of America or their host country, whichever is more restrictive.  Take away the cost savings.  Then pass a law imposing a heavy import tariff on goods coming into the U.S. from non-U.S. companies.  That keeps companies from simply leaving the country entirely.  If they can’t make a profit, they’ll come back.  Announce a 2 year window before the law goes into effect.  Companies will come flooding back.  But the GOP will never do that because they have business interests, not American interests, at heart.

5.  Which political party do you feel is best able to handle each of the following issues?

Again, instead of going into every issue, I’ll pick and choose.  My honest response for all of them is “none of the above”.  I don’t think either party has the slightest interest in fixing problems, they only want to pay them lip service and then not do anything.  If the problems were solved, what would they have to campaign on?  And again, they only give the options of Republican, Democrat and No Opinion.  What about people who think the Libertarians would be better?  Of course, the RNC couldn’t care less.  And of course, some of these questions are clearly designed to make you think “wow, the Republicans would be better at this”, like “cutting entitlement spending”.  Except the GOP is every bit as guilty as the Democrats.  They give tons of money to business interests which, like it or not, is entitlement spending. I don’t think any party out there gives a damn about most of the issues listed, except to pay lip service to get votes, power and money.  I mean, the only ones I think Republicans would do marginally better on are things like gun the 2nd amendment and strong military, but I think they go way too far on those issues.  Yes, we have a Constitutional right to own firearms, but nowhere in the Constitution does it say that you can own anything you want without restriction, registration, etc.  And their idea of a strong military is just giving money to military contractors, for the sake of spending money, because those are political supporters.  As I said, it’s only about votes, power and money.  Neither party gives a damn what’s best for the country.

So that’s it for this time.  What do you think?  Next time, I move on to Domestic Issues so stay tuned.

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