Horror Show Sunday: Biblical Right to Abuse

Reprehensible behavior is nothing new for the religious, we find them murdering, molesting and otherwise causing harm to those around them and even to themselves.  It’s nice to see that the innocent can escape the religious horror once in a while.

Odalis Sharp, a religious fanatic, known for traveling with and performing for armed religious activists who took over a compound in Oregon, also just so happened to be beating 5 of her her children in the name of God.  But while Sharp was in the shower, her children, fed up with the abuse, stole her guns and ran away to authorities.  Those children, along with two others, have now been placed in protective custody and Sharp has been arrested.

Sharp, of course, denies the allegations.  “We need to turn to God, because the system is corrupt. They lie, they twist, they make false charges, they abuse people, and then they turn around and put people in prison, and then they accuse them of abuse.”

Sure lady.  Never mind your children were bruised all over.  The court alleges that she beat the children with rods and belts, hit them in the face and private areas, and insulted them constantly.  According to an aid worker, “They said it’s typical to always receive some type of bruising and other times have bled from the swats.  The children told me they were fearful, they did not want to return to their mother.”

I can’t say I blame them.  If I had a fanatical violent religious zealot for a mother, I wouldn’t want to go back either. But this is what happens when you believe crazy stuff in the Bible.  Spare the rod and spoil the child my ass.

It’s really pathetic when these religious idiots use their faith to justify child abuse.  But then again, these are people who spend their time entertaining domestic terrorists so what can you expect?  Religion once again proves why we have Horror Show Sunday and will do so for a long time to come.

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