The RNC Congressional District Census Part 1

It’s that time again.  I just got my Pre-Election Congressional District Census from the RNC in the mail and, as I’ve done before, I’m going to go over it question by question to see what kind if idiocy the GOP is up to now. Because this would be a really long post if I covered it all at once, I’ll do it section by section.

Section I – Political Profile

1. Do you generally identify yourself as a:

Their choices are “Conservative Republican”, “Independent Voter who leans Republican”, “Moderate Republican”, “Liberal Republican” and “Tea Party Member”.  I’m really none of those.  I am a conservative, but honestly, I don’t consider myself a Republican.  Sure, I’ve been registered that way for more than 30 years, but not because I actually like the Republicans, but because I hate the Democrats more.

2. Do you plan on voting in the 2016 Presidential elections?

Absolutely, I vote in every election.

3. If yes, do you plan on voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

Interesting that they don’t list any other candidates, they only list “Unsure”.  What about people who, for some strange reason, want to vote for Gary Johnson?  They’re not unsure, they know what they want to do.

4. If yes, how do you plan on casting your election ballot?

Absentee.  It’s the only way I vote.  I have better things to do than stand in lines.

5. Do you have any interest in serving as a volunteer to help your local Republican Party headquarters or to assist a Republican candidate in your area?

Nope.  Maybe if there was anyone running that was worth actually supporting, I might, but because the overwhelming majority of Republican candidates are awful and I am only voting to keep Democrats out of office, why the hell would I want to help you idiots?

6. What age category below applies to you?

Well, if you must know, I’m at the top end of the 36-50 age range.

7. What do you see as a current weakness of the Republican Party that must be addressed in order for us to win the November Elections?

They give several options, none of which addresses the core of the problem.  They say “Bad Messaging”, “Poor Response to Democrats”, “Need to Lead Better” and “Failure to Stand Up for Core Principles”. The real answer is you need to jettison the whole religious right bullshit.  You should get back to some decent core principles, but the core principles that you’ve demonstrated in recent history have been nonsensical. You’re entirely out of touch with the American people.  America isn’t becoming more religious, it’s becoming less religious.  I wish you’d get back to being actually conservative and not the hyper-religious liberalism that you’ve become.

8. Do you believe the Republican Party must work harder at all levels to take our message to specific constituencies including minorities, women and  young voters?

9. Do you think that the Republican Party’s core conservative principles of low taxes, less government, individual responsibility, free enterprise and a strong military must remain the  bedrock of our agenda as we take our message into the November Election?

Sure, if that was actually the core values that you actually demonstrated, which it isn’t.  Those are things you ought to be for, but your record shows that you’re not.  Low taxes?  Well that’s all well and good, but along with low taxes has to come less spending and you are incapable of that.  If you’re borrowing money from China, at all, you’re doing something wrong.  Less government?  Have we forgotten the whole Patriot Act crap?  Have we forgotten the largest increase in government power in recent memory, Homeland Security?  All of that is a massive increase in the size of government, or didn’t you realize that? Individual responsibility?  Well sure, unless you’re religious.  Then you idiots are passing all kinds of laws to protect the religious from the consequences of their actions.

10. As we head into the final weeks before the Election, do you think the Republican Party should make it a priority to focus on the  disastrous policies of Barack Obama’s presidency and the effects they have had on our nation and the world?

If you have legitimate points, sure.  But let’s be honest, the majority of Republican whining about Obama has been about him being black and liberal.  If that’s all you’ve got, you’re just being stupid and wasting your time.

11. Do you believe the Republican Party should continue to embrace social issues or do you feel they are too divisive when it comes to winning elections?

Depends on the social issues.  If you mean abortion and gay marriage, no.  You lost.  Accept your loss gracefully.  Stop focusing on the hyper religious right.  Try getting into step with what the majority of Americans care about.  Even the majority of your own party supports gay marriage and abortion.

12. Do you believe that the national media has a strong bias against all things Republican and fails to tell America’s voters the real facts about Republican policies, principles and goals?

There’s as much bias in the media for the Republican Party as there is against it.  Fox News anyone?  But a lot of what is said is perfectly true, the GOP just doesn’t want to admit it.

So yeah, it’s clear what we’re in for.  As always, the RNC doesn’t want actual answers that will help it win, they just want to be comforted that they’re doing the right thing already.  It becomes even more clear as the sections go on that they’re not interested in any fundamental changes to their platform or policies. That’s why they lose so miserably.

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