Horror Show Sunday: Is This Surprising?

It might be news, but it’s hardly surprising news.  The deputy head at St Benedict’s School in Ealing, England, has been arrested after it became known that he was a big fan of kiddy porn.  In fact, Peter Allott, 37, was part of a large pedophile ring that shared images and videos of children as young as 2 being sexually molested.  He was caught with more than 400 videos depicting children in sexual situations and after his arrest, he admitted that he was addicted to child pornography and drugs and would routinely share pedophilic pornography on the gay dating site Grindr.

Because this isn’t what we’ve come to expect from Catholics, right?

Allott plead guilty to five charges of possessing child pornography and a single charge of possessing class A drugs in his housing on campus.  Judge John Hillen described Allot as living a double life.  “Over the weekend you were engaged in chemsex parties using crystal meth and M-cat, having consensual sex with multiple partner but also watching these images and collecting them on various electronic devices. On Monday morning you would put on your suit and be the brilliant, high-flying deputy head master – a split personality and divided life. But the besuited deputy headmaster was a lie because the other side of you life was one of debauchery.”

What more can you expect from someone playing the Catholic card?

The school says it is “shocked and saddened” by the crimes, but how can they really be surprised? After all, the Catholic Church has spent billions in restitution to sex abuse victims.  Even though it doesn’t appear that Allott actually molested anyone under his care, is this the kind of person that we want having control over innocent children?  How many other Allotts are there out there right now, hiding behind the guise of kindly Catholic caregiver?

Is it any wonder these people keep winding up on Horror Show Sunday?

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