Subjects You Can’t Talk About

There’s an old saying that you shouldn’t talk about religion or politics.  I break that rule all the time. I speak truth and I really don’t care if it offends anyone.  But I recently ran into a situation where it’s clear there are other things that people really don’t want to talk about, whether they’re factually true or not.

I was sitting with some friends, talking about work and one of them brought up some of his problem clients.  These tend to be young and poor and, as he said almost under his breath, overwhelmingly black. And he wondered why that was the case, that a group of people that made up less than 13% of the population could cause more than 90% of his headaches.

So I told him.

The reality is, the poor black community has been lied to for generations by the liberal left. They’ve been told that society owes them things.  And society owes them things simply because they are black.  They don’t have to do anything to earn it, but if you don’t show deference and “respect” and fork over whatever they want, they get pissed because they’ve been told that simply because they woke up that morning with black skin, they deserve stuff.

And this guy got really nervous.  He said I shouldn’t talk about things like that.  Well why the hell not?  It’s true, after all!

I think the biggest reason things like this continue to exist in society is because we’re afraid to talk about it. We’ve been told that offending people is the biggest sin imaginable.  Political correctness is rampant in society whether we recognize it or not.  There are things that I think we all recognize, but lots of people are terrified to open their mouths because they fear that if they put it out there, people will think badly of them.

Personally, I don’t care.  I couldn’t care less what anyone thinks of me.  I tell the truth and deal with the consequences.  The people who don’t want to hear the truth can deal with it.  Maybe if more of them did, instead of living in a liberal fantasy land, these problems wouldn’t be so rampant in the first place.  And it’s not racist to bring up reality.  Facts have no race.  It isn’t the fact that these people are black that makes them irresponsible, unreasonable people, it’s the fact that they’ve been lied to, and have bought into the lie, that their skin color matters.  It does not.  We’re seeing the fallout of these liberal ideas today with Black Lives Matter and the return of segregation.  Far too many black people, particularly poor black people, think that the color of their skin makes them inherently different.  They think that they get a different set of rules to live by simply because they are black.  They are wrong.  They need to be told that they are wrong.  How else can we get rid of these ridiculous ideas if nobody has the balls to open their mouths and say so?

People need to stop pretending that they shouldn’t talk about things.  I talk about anything I want to talk about, to anyone who wants to engage in a conversation with me.  I don’t worry if they get offended.  I owe them nothing but the truth and if the truth offends you, the problem lies with you, not with the truth.  That’s something more people ought to figure out.

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