Slowing Down… Maybe

Not too long ago, Jack, over on Atheist Revolution, wrote a post about slowing down his blog output.  He’s running out of steam and frankly, so am I.  I’ve been doing this blog for more than 10 years and during that time, I have posted, between here and my other blog, every single day during the week.

Frankly, I don’t know that I want to do that anymore.

It isn’t that I don’t want to, I enjoy writing, but I’ll be really honest, I’ve run out of things to write about.  What was once simple to do, writing dozens and dozens of posts, being months ahead of schedule, today is nothing but a struggle.  I fight to find things to say and I keep feeling like I’ve said it all and am just repeating myself.  Therefore, I feel I have to make a change.

That doesn’t mean the blog is going away.  I am still going to write, it just might not be as often.  I am going to write what I want to write, not just because I feel I have to fill a schedule.  That means I might write 4x a week, I might write once, or anything in between.  As I find something that I want to say, I’ll say it, but I won’t say something because that’s the schedule I’ve set for myself.

If there’s anything that you want my take on, by all means let me know.  Half the time, I have no clue what to say.  Help me out here.  Ask me questions.  Give me suggestions.  Provide some inspiration. I have no problems pounding on the keyboard if I feel that it’s worthwhile.  I just don’t know what my readers find worthwhile anymore and since most people don’t tell me, it’s been a struggle.  Struggling isn’t a lot of fun.

4 thoughts on “Slowing Down… Maybe”

  1. Will miss ya Cephus. Discovered blog in 2012 with "F the olympics". Read it almost daily since – this is not my usual pattern. Nothing more to say. Just wanted you to know your efforts are not entirely wasted – if you are making people even think a little then I think you have achieved. Morgan, UK.

  2. The sense of having less to say and the feeling that I'm repeating myself are things I can relate to as well. I guess my primary problem is that I'm finally starting to realize that some of the time I've been spending blogging is detracting from other things, but I'd probably be more successful at overlooking that if these other things you mention weren't there too.

    I suppose the most obvious way to generate post ideas is to follow the news around the topics one is interested in. This seems to be the primary approach Friendly Atheist uses, for example. By essentially repackaging news stories into blog posts, he'll never run out of subject matter. I do that from time-to-time – I imagine we all do – but it has never really been enough.

    My recent post The Two-Party System is Broken

    1. But I really don't want to just regurgitate the news. There was one blog that I used to read that did exactly that. 80% of every post was just directly quoting from news stories, with a few original words. What's the point of that? I have no problem starting with the news, but I want to produce completely original content. I might be inspired by the news but I want to do my own take on it. The problem, of course, is that the news never really changes either. It's like the Religious Horror Show. Oh look, Muslims murdering people again. And again. And again. Catholic priests molesting children again. And again. And again. How much can you say about it?

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