Horror Show Sunday: Death Count Rises in Bangladesh

Alright, let’s just make this a thing.  Bangladesh Muslims have been on a murder spree of late that seems to have no end in sight.  This time around, we’ll talk about a university professor that got hacked to death with machetes by Muslim radicals, claiming that he was “calling to atheism”.

Because sure, atheists murder people for religious reasons all the time, right?

Rezaul Karim Siddique, 58, was an English professor at Rajshahi University.  He was attacked on his way home by Islamic State militants in a group called Amaq Agency.  Even though Siddique was not an open atheist, it is thought that his involvement in cultural activities may have made him a target.  I guess these religious assholes don’t even care who they murder anymore.

Siddique’s wife, Hosne Ara, doesn’t know why anyone would want to kill her husband. “As far as I know, my husband didn’t have any personal enmity with anyone. I can’t believe that he has been murdered.”  Unfortunately, he’s not the only one, he’s actually the fourth professor at his university to have been murdered in the past 12 years.  He’s at least the sixth person to be murdered by Muslim extremists in the month of April alone.  This is not acceptable.

However, that’s not how Muslims see it.  Even though Bangladesh is officially secular, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina issued a stern warning to anyone who criticized religion: “I don’t consider such writings as freethinking but filthy words. Why would anyone write such words? It’s not at all acceptable if anyone writes against our prophet or other religions.”

Then you’re not secular!  Secularism requires a freedom of speech, the ability to speak out against religious, especially religious violence and Bangladesh suffers from a ridiculous amount of religious violence, almost all of it Islamic.  This is no surprise, of course, Islamic violence is on the rise worldwide, but so long as the government refuses to decry these acts and continues to blame the victim, Bangladesh will remain front and center on Horror Show Sunday.

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