Irrational Rationalizations

Once again, the absurdity of irrational rationalizations strikes, in a ridiculously common way. Now that Mother Teresa has been granted sainthood, the crazy religious are out in force, attacking anyone who criticizes the life and beliefs of Mother Teresa.  I wrote about this a very long time ago and got pretty much the same reaction at the time.  Someone decided, once Mother Evil-Bitch was criticized, that she wasn’t as bad as Stalin and Hitler, so there!

Except Hitler was a Christian.  He stated very clearly that he was a Christian.  He stated very clearly his motivations for slaughtering the Jews.  There is no question whatsoever what he believed and why he acted.  But bring this up and you get the religious freaking the fuck out.

Oh no, Hitler couldn’t have been a Christian because he doesn’t act as the person posting interprets Christians to act!  Therefore, it must have been an atheist conspiracy!  Never mind that 100% of the times Hitler talked about religion, both in public and in private, he unanimously said he was a Christian. He never once said he was anything else.  There is no evidence whatsoever, except for wishful thinking, that he ever considered himself anything but a Christian.

But it isn’t just Hitler, Nazism is supposedly an atheistic movement.  Never mind that they all wore belt buckles emblazoned with “God With Us”.  It was all a lie!  And the Catholic Church hated the Nazis!  Yes, they openly celebrated Hitler’s birthday every year, even outside of German controlled areas, yes, they were active in smuggling Nazi war criminals out of Germany under Catholic Red Cross visas after the war, they were totally against Nazism!  Really!

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with these people?  The thought that one of the biggest butchers of all time might have shared their beliefs freaks a lot of Christians out so they have to deny it, even though it is, from every single shred of evidence available, factually true.  Truth doesn’t matter to them, feeling good does.  So they simply invent rationalizations to get around ideas that might make them uncomfortable and then they dig in their heels and demand they have to be right, so there!

And you wonder why I keep pointing out how ridiculous these people are?  You might be entitled to your own beliefs, no matter how stupid they are, but you are never, ever, ever entitled to your own facts.  What is, is, no matter how it makes you feel.  Reality doesn’t care if it makes you feel bad.  You need to deal with reality on reality’s terms.  But if these people could do that, they wouldn’t have these ridiculous beliefs in the first place, would they?

Maybe that’s something they ought to think about.

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