Horror Show Sunday: Hacked to Death

Hey, as long as we’re talking about hacking and Bangladesh, let’s keep the murder train going.  This time, an elderly Buddhist monk is murdered in cold blood inside a Buddhist temple.  Authorities suspect that a group called Islamic State of Bangladesh is responsible.

Maung Shue U Chak was attacked by at least four people inside of a temple at Baishari.  Bangladesh, although officially secular, is majority Muslim and several radical groups operate within its borders, even though the government claims otherwise.

Chak’s murder is at least the eighth this year, following the murders of another priest in February and two gay activists, a law student, a Hindu tailor, a Sufi Muslim leader and a university professor in April.  The government of Bangladesh is terrified to act against Islamic violence, fearing retribution against themselves.  And yet people claim that Islam is a peaceful religion, all the while murders are committed in the name of Allah worldwide.

Chak had only recently started living at the temple full time, having left a life of farming to commit himself full time to his religion.  His family supported him, bringing him food during the day.  It was his daughter who found him in a pool of blood, with four distinct sets of bloody footprints surrounding him. Chak was loved by all, except radical Muslims apparently.

Seriously, is anyone surprised by this?  How long can the political left keep defending Islam as a peaceful religion when clearly, murders are going on, specifically in the name of Allah, motivated by absolutely nothing else but Islam?  When will they run out of excuses and admit that Islam, the religion, has problems inherent in it that cause violence to occur?  That doesn’t mean all Muslims are murderers, but you simply cannot deny that within Islamic belief are the beliefs that killing infidels is not only acceptable, but ordered?  That’s what it’s going to take to slow down these religious killings, when the world takes the danger that Islam clearly poses seriously.  And that’s when things like this stop appearing on Horror Show Sunday.

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