YouTube is Still Stupid

A couple of months ago, I wrote how I had received a “community standards strike” on my channel on YouTube, thus causing me not to be able to upload videos longer than 15 minutes.  I appealed the decision, of course, because I was completely in the right, but it took them almost 3 months to actually review and find in my favor, as I knew they would.  That’s half the amount of time the strike would have been in place to begin with.  And the kicker is, they didn’t even bother to let me know that it had been done, I just happened to look at my channel statistics and found that the strike had been lifted.

Thanks for nothing, YouTube.

Now to be honest, it didn’t affect me much at all.  I did a survey among my fans a long time ago where I asked what the “sweet spot” for videos was and almost universally, they said 10-20 minutes.  So I was making 15 minute videos anyhow, although I had a pile of videos that were longer that I had to hold until the end of my “strike” and now I can post again.  The only place I could potentially see a problem during my “issue” is that if anyone filed a copyright strike on me, I couldn’t fight back, but luckily, nobody did.  I am wondering though, I had one appeal pending before the whole strike business, I have no idea how that went, or even what video it was on.  YouTube isn’t great at communication.

So, that’s all behind me, at least until some idiot in a cubicle at YouTube gets a bug up their ass and tries it again.  I mean seriously, does anyone train these people?  Do they have the slightest understanding of fair use?  Do they actually click on links to find out where they lead or do they just whack the “strike” button indiscriminately because it’s easier than caring?  I’m starting to lean toward the latter these days, but at least that chapter of YouTube horrors is over.

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