Religious Apologists Don’t Understand the Supernatural

Has anyone else seen this tactic before?  I have a non-religious person who is so desperate to defend the religious that he’s willing to entirely redefine reality and completely miss the point so that religious zealots don’t look bad.

We’re discussing the existence of the supernatural, a topic that I’ve gone over time and time again, and he claims that the supernatural clearly exists, not because it’s real, but because people believe that it does.  And just because they are factually wrong in their assertions about the supernatural, that doesn’t mean they don’t believe in it, therefore it’s real.

Yeah, that is as stupid as it sounds.

Then he goes off on a tangent, saying that unicorns are actually a specific breed of goat and people were just wrong when they saw that goat, they thought they were unicorns.  Therefore there are unicorns.  No, there are goats.  Unicorns are specifically defined as magical.  If these goats are not actually magical, then they can’t be unicorns by definition.  And people who found the bones of dinosaurs thought they were dragons.  That doesn’t make them dragons.  It makes them dinosaurs and the people stupid.  Reality doesn’t change because you really wish that it would.

This is more accomodationist bullshit.  There are people out there who want so desperately to make people around them feel good that they’re willing to bend over backwards and rationalize away reality so nobody is ever depressed at the utterly idiotic things they believe.  But they ought to be.  That’s how we reject stupid beliefs in favor of those that are better supported.  People ought to feel shame when they believe things that aren’t true.  But then you get these left-leaning lunatics who care more about feelings than they do about facts and who cares what anyone believes, so long as they get to feel good about it!

And you wonder why this country is so screwed up?

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