Stupid Progressives Don’t Understand Diversity

This is yet another case where the idiots on the far left, the so-called progressives, just don’t have a clue what they’re talking about when it comes to reality.  So this complete wingnut shows up and starts bitching about the “lack of diversity” in the teams the U.S. is sending to the Rio Olympics.  He posts lots of pictures, like the one to the right, of all white men on the team.  He also posts a couple of primarily white women and then asks why America is so racist that we’re sending almost all white people to Brazil.

Is it any wonder he conveniently forgot to post the picture of the Olympic basketball team?  You know, the team made up 100% of black men?  However could he have forgotten to post that one?  Oh wait, it doesn’t fit his narrative!

Someone here clearly doesn’t understand how a meritocracy works. These people got on these teams because they EARNED it. You know how they earned it? By being the best at their sport.  The idea of diversity for the sake of diversity is idiotic. The best ought to win. Those who do not win were not the best. You don’t get extra brownie points because you have a different gender or skin color or sexual orientation. We send the best we have to the Olympics. It doesn’t matter if they’re all black or all white, if they’re all male or all female, if they’re all straight or all gay. It matters only that they are the best.

The progressive mentality is idiotic.  Actually, calling it a mentality is an oxymoron.  These people don’t think, they just react.  Nothing they say makes any actual sense, it just caters to their precious little emotions and nothing else.

This is why I keep posting about how stupid the regressives are.  I know it gets tiring, it gets tiring to write about it, but I think it’s important that people realize just how idiotic these people actually are. They just don’t get reality.  They don’t like reality.  They don’t want to live in reality. They’re terrified of reality so they pretend reality isn’t real. That’s why they come off as such imbeciles.

And now you know and knowing is half the battle.

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