Horror Show Sunday: Another One Bites the Dust

You know, this crap in Bangladesh is really getting old.  I keep doing stories of atheists getting hacked to death by asshole Muslims, just because they’re atheists, so it should come as no surprise at all that I’m about to do another one.

28-year old Nazimuddin Samad, a student at Jagannath University, was shot and hacked to death while he was walking on campus in Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka.  Several attackers, riding motorcycles, murdered Samad and then rode away praising Allah.

Yeah, there goes that religion of peace again.

Samad was an outspoken atheist who was openly critical of radical Islam and was involved in Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s secular Awami League party.  He also pushed for prosecutors to have more power in going after war criminals arising from Bangladesh’s 1971 revolution.

“Recently, over the last couple of years, we have had war crimes trials in Bangladesh. This is to do with our War of Independence in 1971. Most of the people who have been put on trial are Islamists … who were collaborating with the Pakistan occupation army back in 1971. Now, war crimes trials are very important. However, I think the downside is that they have been painted as a movement against religious people, against Islamists. So I think as a result, those who are of a religious bent feel targeted. I think they feel as though they are on the defensive. And so they have decided to step up their opposition and step up their campaign of terror and violence.” said Zafar Sobhan, editor of the Dhaka Tribune.

And that gives them an excuse to murder those that disagree with them, apparently.  Even though the government of Bangladesh is officially secular, the government is afraid to side with the atheists, out of fear of violence directed toward them.  “The government of Bangladesh must do much more to protect its own people from marauding Islamist killers,” CFI’s Michael De Dora said in a statement. “These murders keep happening because they are allowed to happen.”  And they’re allowed to happen because Islam is not a peaceful religion, but a murderous faith that encourages murder in the name of Allah.  So long as that’s true, we’ll keep seeing this on Horror Show Sunday.

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  1. Bangladesh and Pakistan are perfect examples of why you do not want Islamists being in charge of any form of government. It is amazing that some in the West will still look at these countries and see anything positive when the religious killings and rapes keep racking up the numbers
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