The Last of the Atheist Podcasts

Well, that does it.  I have just deleted the last of the atheist podcasts I listened to, and for the same reason as all of the others.  The ludicrous liberal bent has just made it all but impossible to listen to them any longer.  So to Cognitive Dissonance, a not so fond farewell.

And it’s sad because it used to be a really good podcast, but it has gotten more and more and more ridiculously liberal as time has gone on.  I get why they’re doing it, the vast majority of their audience is far left and they want to make money.  But that’s not me and I don’t want to hear it.

You know me, I have no problem criticizing the political right, I spent a lot of time doing it on my podcast, but they’ve crossed the line.  I don’t think they can even see the line from where they are presently.  Anything that isn’t far-left, they make fun of and there isn’t any actual intelligence remaining on their show like there used to be, everything is a joke, but honestly, most of it just isn’t funny.

So if anyone has any atheist podcasts that are strictly anti-religion, let me know because I really don’t know of any.  Lots of them start off that way, then become more and more and more political as time goes on, to the point that they really don’t talk about religion much at all.  It’s all hard left bullshit that I have zero interest in listening to.  I mean seriously, Cognitive Dissonance was, until very recently, a relatively pro-gun podcast when they talked about it.  Tom and Cecil are both gun owners.  Now though, they’re hyper anti-gun because… liberalism.  Sorry, zero interest whatsoever.  But week after week, it just got worse.  I’d struggle to get through an episode and would even find myself just tuning the whole thing out.  Finally, I turned it off in the middle and said enough is enough, that’s it, deleted the podcast and am just finished.  And you know something?  Like Non-Prophets and Atheist Experience and a lot of other podcasts I’ve dropped for the same reason, I honestly don’t miss it.  I used to dread having to sit through another 90 minutes of liberal stupidity.  Now I don’t have to.  I can find a podcast about something I actually care about.  It won’t be atheism, but hey, you can’t have everything.


2 thoughts on “The Last of the Atheist Podcasts”

  1. Try Robert M. Price and his podcasts. He's pretty far right like I am on the gun control issue. I'm sick of the atheists who seem to be mostly anti-gunners, but Price is pro gun.

    Another thing about many atheists that I don't like is their complete poo pooing of anyone who claims to see an ET craft. I saw one in 1977 that I think is 99.99% likely to be an ET craft. Since few atheists believe there are ET craft visiting Earth, I must be some kind of kook, even though I don't see alien visitation as a supernatural event. I, and my late brother and at least two other people who saw it, can't explain where the craft came, however, it took off from a complete standstill with "instant acceleration" and "warp speed," excuse the Star Trek vocabulary but the movies are the closest visual illustration I know about.

    Even though I am an atheist and I don't think what I saw was a supernatural event, I still feel like people think I'm stupid or a liar because I say I saw an ET craft. I rarely see an atheist open minded about alien visitation. The only satisfaction I get is knowing that I know for sure what I saw and that I am sick of not telling others about it just because I know it makes me look deluded or a liar.

    When I tell religious people that I saw this craft, one response I get is sort of like this: "Well, you saw an ET craft and you can't prove it, so why can't you accept my 'proof' that my religious experiences don't also prove the supernatural."

    1. Most atheists, like myself, are skeptics. We don't believe things without actual, demonstrable, objective evidence and there simply isn't any for alien visitation, any more than there is for gods. Regardless of what you think you saw, you have no evidence that it was, in fact, alien in origin. I had an experience when I was young too, but all I can really say is that I saw something that I can't identify, I have no way of saying exactly what it was that I saw because I have no evidence to present.

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