Horror Show Saturday: Good Muslims Get Killed By Bad Muslims

Happy Easter! Ow!

And sometimes, Muslims can just be dicks.  Take the case of Asad Shah, a Muslim shopkeeper who lived in Glasgow, Scotland, and who really loved his country.  In fact, he loved it so much that he wished his “beloved Christian nation” a happy Easter, only to be stabbed to death by a fellow Muslim.

The unnamed assailant wearing long religious robes, stated by police to be 32-years old, had entered the shop, said something to Mr. Shah in Arabic, then leapt upon him, stabbing him in the head with a kitchen knife.  He was stabbed 30 times and when friends tried to drag Mr. Shah away from his attacker, the assailant chased after them until Asad collapsed at a local bus stop.

Police say that the murder was religiously motivated.  Well duh.

Shah was so proud of his adopted homeland that he wanted to reach out from the Muslim community to the Christian community and better relations.  Apparently, some on the Muslim side weren’t so happy about that.  Of course, killing those fostering peace and goodwill, that’s the Muslim way far too often and this was no exception.

“This is disgusting – Mr Shah was the most peace-loving man you could meet,” said a neighbor, upset over the news. “He was proud of his Pakistani heritage but he loved Britain. He loved Scotland too and really wanted to reach out to Christians. This is such a terrible thing to happen.”

Well, it is, but as with all of the rest of these religiously motivated murders, you don’t hear a thing about it from the political left.  Nobody condemns this senseless murder because doing so would require condemning the religious beliefs of the assailant.  Asad was reportedly a member of the Ahmadi sect of Islam, a sect so peaceful and tolerant of other faiths that it has won widespread persecution in Pakistan. In fact, their worldwide headquarters is in London and even there, the site has been firebombed by other Muslim sects.  But if you can’t firebomb them, stab them in the head.  That’s pretty typical for the religion of peace, isn’t it?  What else can you expect on Horror Show Saturday?

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