Horror Show Thursday: Sometimes They Don’t Come Back

When religion causes harm, sometimes it’s harm to the most faithful.  And sometimes it’s just evolution in action.  Case in point, Prophet Shamiso Kanyama of Zimbabwe was trying to cleanse evil spirits from the house of the Mutero family in a small village called Mazonde.  But when he couldn’t do it, he asked the five members of the family to bury him alive so that he could marshal his powers from beyond the grave.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way and the five family members are now charged with his murder.

One of the men present, Joseph Taderera, warned that what they were doing was dangerous and that they should stop, but as Taderera told High Court Justice Owen Tagu at the trial, “I warned the men about the danger of their actions, but my advice fell on deaf ears because Kanyama shouted, telling me that I am disturbing his angels, and urged them to continue filling the grave, saying that he would later come out alive.”

Yeah, that didn’t go so well, did it?

After burying Kanyama, he didn’t come back to life as promised and eventually he was exhumed from his makeshift grave, completely dead.  And the house was never cleansed either.  That’s what happens when you believe in magical powers and evil spirits.

Now I wish I could say this was a unique case but it isn’t.  All kinds of crazy religious nutters believe in all kinds of crazy religious nuttery.  They think that their beliefs give them magical powers when all it does is give them delusions.  And when you really believe those delusions, you do stupid things like get yourself buried alive.  It’s a good candidate for a Darwin award.

So remember the lessons learned on Horror Show Thursday.  Don’t do stupid stuff.  Don’t believe stupid stuff.  Don’t be stupid like Prophet Shamiso Kanyama of Zimbabwe was.

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