Horror Show Wednesday: Mother Teresa’s Molester Director

There has to be a non-Muslim story now and then, not because there are any less of them, but because the murderous Muslims are just so prolific.  But today, I visit the story of the director of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity, Father Donald McGuire, who, surprise surprise, raped a couple of boys and just got caught.

But this was way back in the 60s, why did it take so long for him to be brought to justice?  Because the Jesuits actively protected him, of course!  What more would you expect from the Catholic Church?

Records show that McGuire had been accused of at least seven molestations between 1969 and 2004 and all of these records were given to the Jesuit Order that he was a member of, but according to Marc Pearlman, one of the attorneys representing the victims, “They either destroyed documents relevant to criminal activity, or they lied.”  Which one is most likely?  I’ll leave that up to you to decide for yourself.

Of course, the Jesuits deny any wrongdoing.  Edward Schmidt, the leader of the Chicago Jesuits, said “We were treating him as a member of the Jesuit order. We were proceeding as though he were a good person, you know, until we became aware of some of these issues that have now become public. Were we trying to protect him from authorities? Not in any way.”  Then why did they ignore at least 25 documents given to them by prosecutors?  Why did McGuire continue to have unrestricted access to young boys?  It just makes no sense.

McGuire was spiritual director of Mother Teresa’s organization, starting in 1983.  Stories say that while he traveled the world with the organization, he usually had a teenage boy with him.  Because that doesn’t look suspicious or anything.  But his first victim, that we know of anyhow, was a 14-year old boy at Loyola Academy outside of Chicago.  McGuire convinced the boy’s father to let the boy live at the school and that’s where they first got intimate.  “There’s only one bed inside the room, so sleeping quarters were to sleep in the same bed together,” said the man, now 51.  And thus started the pattern of abuse, McGuire would convince a family of a teenage boy to allow him to live with him, he’d abuse the boy until he got too old and he’d do it again.

Finally, McGuire is getting the justice he deserves, but how many victims could have been prevented had the Catholic Church simply acted on the clear and present evidence before them?  How many indeed?  And did Mother Teresa know of McGuire’s illicit interests?  The world may never know, but now you do, thanks to Horror Show Wednesday.

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