Liberals Hate Business But Don’t Understand It

I hate to feel like I’m always picking on liberals, but they just deserve it.  They earn my derision.  Here’s another  case where a self-professed liberal attacks a private business because a government entity “beats” it by putting out a product that is honestly like comparing apples to oranges.  This guy lives near Denver, Colorado, where his town put in fiber optic Internet service that is much faster than the private alternative, Comcast.  Now I have no love for Comcast, in fact I think they’re a shitty company, but if you’re going to criticize them, at least criticize them for something legitimate.

So he posts the following graphic, showing the difference in speed and price between the two.  Oh look, he says, the government is far superior to private enterprise!  Well, never mind that the Comcast price includes TV and phone service, something the Nextlight service does not.  Never mind that the Nextlight price is an introductory offer that goes up to $100 a month for anyone who signs up after the initial 3 month intro period.  The government is just better!

Well, not if you actually compare apples to apples.  The Comcast service is for DSL, not fiber optic.  Obviously, fiber is a lot faster, especially when you realize that Nextlight has 1% of the subscribers that Comcast does and that if they both were serving the same number of customers, the Nextlight speed would be a lot slower.  So this idiot starts saying that it’s Comcast’s fault that they don’t put in fiber lines, it’s a failure in private business that they don’t have millions of dollars to throw around.  I mean, it isn’t like the city got money from bond issues to install their fiber optic lines or anything.  Oh wait, they did!  And it isn’t like the city isn’t getting preferential treatment in billing.  Oh wait, they are!  They’re getting lower rates for their electricity costs and leveraged extremely low interest rates for their bond issue, something that a private company simply cannot get.

Yeah, but private companies suck.  Tell me another one.

And everyone points this out to him.  Everyone.  But he refuses to budge.  Private industry sucks, the government rules, so there!  And when people pointed out how ridiculous his comparison was, he decided that all he cared about was how things “seemed to him”.  Never mind the reality of the situation, he was going to compare two entirely non-analogous things and use whatever personal criteria happened to appeal to him at the time so he could believe what he wanted to believe whether it made any sense or not.  And then he started throwing insults and ran away because that’s apparently what immature liberals do.

A lot.

I honestly wouldn’t pick on these people as much as I do if they didn’t work so hard to earn it.  There’s another self-described liberal socialist who just showed up, declaring that liberalism has made the world great and then complaining that anyone who dares to disagrees is oppressing him.  Oh, and it turns out this mental midget is 15.  No surprise there either.

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