Stupid Racist Communist

Okay, I’m not going to blame this one on the liberals because this idiot is a self-identified communist, but geez, he sure talks like a liberal most of the time even though he claims to hate them.  So we’re in this discussion about racism and he’s making statements about “reverse racism” and I point out that there’s no such thing.  Racism is racism, it doesn’t matter what the race is of the racist or the victim, it’s still just racism.  And he freaks out.

He starts demanding that I tell him what is worse, racism by whites against blacks or racism by blacks against whites.  I respond that both are equally as bad but he doesn’t like that answer so he keeps demanding that I pick one or the other.  Sorry, I don’t play false dichotomies, thank you very much.  Racism is racism, racism against any person is just as bad as racism against any other person, period.  Don’t like that?  Don’t care.

See, he wants to make a point and wants me to pick a choice that lets him do that.  Either I pick that racism against blacks is worse, at which point he gets to attack me as a liberal, or I pick racism against whites is worse, at which point he gets to attack me as a conservative.  When I refused to play his game, he just got mad and started hurling insults, which I have to say wasn’t at all unexpected because people who are unable to articulate a decent point without a “gotcha” really aren’t all that stable or intelligent to begin with.  But he’s a communist, what more really needs to be said?

I honestly have no idea why I keep encountering these crazy people, I just do.  They’re everywhere and the more you encounter them, the more you get the stink of their craziness on you.  It makes me happy that I resolved to know when to walk away from insanity and stop beating my head on the wall.  Now, I just do it with twice as many crazy people for half as long.  Not sure if that’s a real improvement.

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