Racist Liberals can Read Your Mind!

Has this ever happened to you?  You explain to racist liberals that you’re not racist, that you don’t care about a person’s skin color, that you don’t take their race into account in making any decisions about an individual, and they just tell you, flat out, that you do.  Because apparently, they know you better than you do.  Somehow, liberals have developed great powers of mental telepathy, they know what you actually think and believe, even if they have no clue who you are.  They’re just amazing like that.

The problem here isn’t that people are racist, it’s that the liberal mindset tells them that people have to be.  Whether they are or not is irrelevant, their racist ideology makes it necessary to pretend like the world hates blacks and women and gays anyhow, reality be damned.  And when they run across people for whom that isn’t the case… well, that’s the case anyhow.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Another self-identified liberal decided, and I quote:  “In general, blacks face a greater chance of being discriminated against based solely on skin color.” Okay, that’s a claim, now back it up.  Please show us this data, explaining how you eliminated other potential factors that might skew your findings.  And yeah, as expected, not a peep.  They have no evidence.  They have no data.  They just have claims that they think ought to impress people because they said so, as if their say so is enough to convince anyone of anything.  I don’t care how much you want it to be true, it’s only actually true if you can prove your claim with objective evidence.  So why don’t you even bother trying?

And I wouldn’t say if it was just one guy, but it was 4 guys in the same thread, trying to tell me that they know how I think better than I do.  Another one said “Almost everybody says that. Most people are kidding themselves. You may be one of the relatively who actually acts that way, but if so you are indeed rare.”  No, I’m one of the ones who caught you in your empty and frankly offensive lies.  People who are not racist don’t fit into your liberal narrative, hence you refuse to accept that anyone who isn’t racist actually exists.

It’s like that execrable Ghostbusters remake.  Now that it’s actually out and people have actually seen it and, almost without exception, said it’s a horrible, awful movie, the SJWs are still scrambling to defend it because… women.  Every male reviewer who says bad things about it is a misogynist, no matter why they say they don’t like the movie.  And the female reviewers?  Well they don’t exist, unless they liked it, at which point they’re heroes, but if they have anything bad to say, the SJWs refuse to even acknowledge they exist.  Women cannot possibly hate the movie because… you know… women.  It just makes my head hurt.

But all of this makes my head hurt.  Dealing with these liberal idiots running around in circles trying desperately to rationalize their ridiculously false narrative ought to make everyone’s head hurt.  Facts don’t matter.  Reality doesn’t matter.  Only their precious and delicate little feelings mean a thing.  And that’s just stupid.

3 thoughts on “Racist Liberals can Read Your Mind!”

  1. As a person that identifies partly with the liberal label, I agree with what you are saying fully.

    I think Sam Harris's description of the regressive left is apt in many cases that involve liberal thinking nowadays. Liberalism has really become a religion in many ways, i.e. I know you are a racist can be considered in the same way that theists throw the claim you don't believe in God as you want to sin.
    My recent post #blacklivesmatter my sceptical view on the movement

    1. A lot of the research that I've seen is very biased though. It assumes that it happens without actually demonstrating that it happens. Even things like the IAT, which is supposed to show if you have a racial bias, has been seriously questioned because it doesn't seem to demonstrate what it purports to demonstrate. When the ones conducting the studies go into these studies with the assumption that there is racism, even if that assumption is subconscious, it's no wonder they find the results they want to find.

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