Avoiding Religious Reality

I’m tired of trying to debate people on religious subjects who can’t see outside of their own religious echo chamber.  This came up several times recently when, in discussions about various religious subjects, my opponent simply declared that because they didn’t think that way, that nobody could possibly think that way and therefore, they just won.  Reality is just inconvenient.

Yes, it is as stupid as it sounds.

The first was in regards to Islam and the ability for non-radical Muslims to become radicalized in the west.  Of course, we know this can and does happen, just ask the victims of Omar Mateen, an American citizen who became a radical Muslim and gunned down 49 gay people in a bar in Orlando, Florida. This isn’t even a question for most people.  But no, to this dipshit, because “most Muslims” don’t believe in radical ideas, no Muslims believe in radical ideas.  So I trotted out a lot of statistics, including the fact that 14% of American Muslims think religious violence, including suicide bombing attacks, can be justified as a legitimate part of religion.  But nope, he doesn’t care because “most” Muslims don’t support it, then no Muslims support it.  It’s just a desperate attempt to defend Islam because not doing so is somehow racist.  In fact, it’s so bad that I’ve seen people trying to differentiate between “Muslim” and “Islamic”, as though Muslims don’t have Islamic beliefs.

The other came when I argued, offhandedly, that there are a lot of people out there who think that this life just doesn’t matter, the whole goal of life, according to a lot of religious people, is to get to the afterlife where everything is wonderful.  And a theist who has been a long-time thorn in the side of reason pops up and declares that because she personally doesn’t believe that, it just can’t be true, evidence be damned.  Even when I produced direct quotes from other theists who said that, she refused to believe it, because anyone who believes anything differently than she does must be “doing it wrong” and therefore doesn’t count.

Finally, the topic of Mother Teresa popped up and, as expected, the crazy Catholics came out in droves to defend her, claiming that all of the horrible things she did to the poor, she did for the best of intentions.  Who gives a damn about her intentions, she starved, abused and made thousands of people die in squalor while she traveled the world, scamming millions of dollars from people who thought that it was going to go to actually helping the poor in India, when in fact it was just going into the Vatican coffers.  But no, her faith is all that matters and so long as she had faith, she can get away with virtual murder!

It’s like these people have no interest in reality if it gets in the way of their precious little feelings.  All that matters is what goes on inside their head.  I find that utterly pathetic.

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