The Left Desperately Protecting Islam Against Reality

It’s really sad how far the left will go to make sure that nobody ever blames Islam for violence, ever.  They’re at it again in the midst of a preliminary report that the FBI found no convincing evidence that Orlando shooter Omar Mateen had gay lovers or acted out of some kind of shame for being gay.  That means that we’re back to blaming radical Islam for the massacre that claimed 49 lives.  I mean, it isn’t like Mateen didn’t call 911 while in the midst of the massacre and swear allegiance to ISIS or anything.

Oh wait, he did.

But the left can’t admit that.  They refuse to acknowledge that Islam could have had anything at all to do with it.  Even though the FBI has, at least so far, found no credible evidence that Mateen was gay, the left still insists that he must have been because there’s just no way that Islam could have been responsible.  He must have been ashamed of being gay!

And I have to point out, if he was ashamed, what made him that way?  Could it have been… oh, I don’t know… ISLAM?  Funny that it all keeps coming around to religion, isn’t it?  Either Mateen’s religious hatred for homosexuality came from Islam or his religious revulsion for his own homosexuality came from Islam.  That’s a little hard to get away from.

But the crazies on the left just won’t admit it no matter how blatantly obvious that it is.  They can’t get away from it but they insist on being purposely blind to reality.  They are out and out delusional.  They are so ideologically dead set against blaming Islam for anything that they’ll go to virtually any lengths to avoid admitting the blatantly obvious.

And it’s not just this case, there are still lefty lunatics out there arguing that the San Bernardino shooters couldn’t possibly have been motivated by Islam. Because, you know… reasons.  Or liberal ideology.  Take your pick.  But religion?  Never.  At least not religion often practiced by brown people.  Those people need the left’s protection for some reason.  Because the left is fucking stupid.

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