Horror Show Sunday: That’s Not What Adopting Means

Joel Wright, an Ohio seminary student, was arrested in San Diego, California, on his way to Tijuana to purchase a female infant with which to have sexual intercourse.  Joel, studying for ordination for the priesthood at Pontifical College Josephinum, was arrested after answering a Craigslist ad that turned out to be a sting operation for Homeland Security.

Wright, 23, has been investigated before.  He was discovered in Steubenville, Ohio last year when he posted a Craigslist ad offering to pay a family $150 to allow him to watch their children.  The ad suggested that the parents go to a movie or go shopping and leave their children with him.  He told parents they could trust him because he was a student at Franciscan University.

Wright e-mailed the undercover agent several times about the transaction, saying that he hoped that the child that he “adopted” would resist his advances because it would be more exciting to rape a child that struggled.  He is charged with traveling with the intent to engage in a sexual act with a minor and attempting to engage in illicit sexual conduct in a foreign country.  If convicted, he faces 60 years to life in prison.

This is a guy who is specifically using his religious standing to get closer to children and convince their parents to leave them in his care.  No surprise at all that he’s Catholic.  I guess the question we have to ask is whether his calling to the priesthood predates his interest in young children.  Did the theology cause his fetish or did his fetish cause his interest in the theology? You’d think the Catholic Church would have a system in place to weed people like this out, wouldn’t you?

I’m glad that he was caught and hope he gets put away for a very, very long time.  Maybe he can organize his own prison ministry while he’s getting buggered up the ass.  Child molesters, even potential ones, don’t fare very well in prison.  This guy deserves everything that he gets.  Maybe it might make him reconsider why religion and pedophilia seem to go hand in hand. We’ve all noticed it, all you have to do is read through the many entries on Horror Show Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: That’s Not What Adopting Means”

  1. " Did the theology cause his fetish or did his fetish cause his interest in the theology?"

    I don't see how the first part can be true. Islam is the only religion I know of that asks people to emulate a guy that had sex with a 9 year old. Idon't think he was as interested in theology as much as the protection being part of an organization gives. The "you can trust me, I am one of you" line that predators use. Utah has one of the highest scamming rates because Mormons tend to trust other Mormons even as they are being conned by them.

  2. Unfortunately priest, pastors, and most cleregy through the years are a sign of trust. Someone to confide in. Someone there for the voice of a higher power. This is a perfect disquise for men or women to prey on children and people. This world has been overcome with evil. I think just like a dog is killled for bitting children and scaring them for life pedifiles should be also. Except i belive they should have a slow agonisingly painful death. Nothing to kill the pain. Nothing to put them to sleep. The punisment should be eaqual to the crime. We have become a world that would put the feelings of a rapist, a murderer or a pedifile before those of their victims or the family of their victims. Im sorry but i am normally an understanding person but this is one thing i do not and can not understand. They call it a more humane way of things. No its not because killing is killing and those who kill either emotionally killing and scaring a person who will have to live with that for the rest of their life or litterally killing another person it doesn’t matter. So why take the fear from the preditors and give them solace that they will not feel a thing. Send these monsters to a country where torture is still a practice make examples of those whom cause mental and emotional torture to people especially children. I wish this type of people would all fall off a really tall bridge or something because a child a woman or a man should never have to live with the scares of sexually offensive crimes of themselves or someone they love. Our world has become a contradiction and a money hungry power grabbing law breaking society with a gentle way to kill.

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