Losing Their Religion

Is the GOP losing their religion?  That’s a question posed by a recent Washington Post opinion article that I think brings up some good, if incomplete, points.

One thing that is very clear about this year’s Presidential primary race is that religion hasn’t been the glue that holds the Republican Party together as it has been in past years.  You had the clown car of usual idiots stumbling all over each other to be holier than thou, with the majority claiming God told them to run and when they lost miserably, were nowhere to be found to say that God screwed up.  Yet the clear and overwhelming winner of the debacle was Donald Trump, a candidate that has never run on his religious beliefs and has not tried to attract the evangelical vote with proselytizing.

So the question is, how did Trump win without resorting to religious pandering?  Has the GOP finally managed to throw off the shackles of hyper-religosity or is there another explanation?  I hope for the former because the requirement to throw “God” into every single political discussion has been a major turnoff for American voters for a very long time, but I suspect that the latter is more likely true.  Americans are sick and tired of the political machine on both sides of the aisle, that’s why Bernie Sanders got as much traction as he did, just because he was an outsider preaching change against a political insider who promised to keep the political status quo.

But this is something I’ve hoped against hope that would happen for many years.  Every time the GOP loses a Presidential election, they send out a questionnaire to their members asking what went wrong and every time, I send back the response that  they spent too much time and energy on religion and not nearly enough on the political issues that actual American care about. Every time, they ignore what I say and double down on religious nonsense.  Maybe they’re finally starting to listen.  I suppose that’s a bit too much to hope for.  Still, I guess we can keep our fingers crossed that the fact that religion is failing in America might be getting through and the GOP might realize that the only way they’re going to get back into power is to stop with all the God-bothering talk and actually talk issues.  Wouldn’t it be a great thing to have two parties with an equal chance again?

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