Why Can’t Liberals Face Reality?

I can’t tell you how many discussions I have with liberals where they simply are unable to deal with reality, they have to create strawmen and shift the goalposts because they fundamentally can’t handle what’s actually out there.  Take a recent example, I was debating someone on welfare, specifically welfare in the inner cities.  I produced a ton of evidence about kids dropping out of school, out of wedlock pregnancies, crime and imprisonment rates, gang membership, etc.  All of these things are personal choices.  I was pointing out how these people are poor because of their own decisions and because of the decisions of their parents and community.

But no, my liberal opponent couldn’t answer any of those positions.  They instead kept bringing up all kinds of things that had nothing at all to do with the discussion at hand.  People who lost their high paying jobs and the 2008 financial crash.  People who had a run of bad luck.  Anything they could do to get around the lack of personal responsibility of the people that we were actually talking about.  And when I pointed out what they were doing, they tossed a whole host of insults and blocked me because they simply couldn’t deal with the facts.

Now I’m not saying that bad things didn’t happen in 2008, or that people can, and do, have bad luck, but the idea that we can ignore all of the demonstrable cases of poor people who have caused their own problems because of their own personal and cultural failures, just because that doesn’t describe every single conceivable case is ludicrous.  These people demonstrate some serious black-and-white thinking.  If it doesn’t fit into their ideology, then they pretend it doesn’t exist and run around the field with the goalposts, hoping to find some way to get the discussion back on track.  They argue strawmen.  They shift the burden of proof.  Anything to keep from actually having to face the facts that everyone isn’t a victim.

But what do you do with these people?  When they get backed into a corner, they spew vile and run away declaring victory.  They are no different than the religious who do the same thing, or the libertarians who do the same thing, or even vegetarians who do exactly the same thing.  None of them are interested in actual facts.  They want emotional comfort and when denied that, or when the facts get in the way of their emotional comfort, their heads explode and they lash out because the real world doesn’t accurately represent their ideology.  These people cannot be rationally debated because none of their positions are at all rational.  They are emotional.  That’s why their ideas are so crazy.  It doesn’t take long to find out if your opponent is completely off their rational rocker, just suggest that they are not completely correct in any of their assertions and watch the sparks fly.

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