Horror Show Sunday: God to Blame

Crazies come out of the woodwork all over, including, in this case, the Netherlands, where Bart van U (also referred to as Bart van Urk), murdered former health minister Els Borst by stabbing her 41 times in the face and hands.  Why?  Because he was upset that Borst had introduced legislation that would legalize euthanasia.  According to van U, he had a “godly contract” to see the former minister dead.  If the voices in your head are telling you to murder someone, seek professional help.

 Which is what Van U should have done long before he got to the point of thinking God wanted him to murder a politician.  He said, in court, “I’d rather have run away, but God said not to. Until Els Borst’s last breath. I saw her die.”
But he wasn’t immediately arrested for the murder, at least not until police found his DNA at the scene.  But in the meantime, he also managed to murder his sister Lois, who gave him a desert he didn’t like.  He denies that his religious beliefs had anything to do with Lois’ murder, although he does think that she was planning on euthanizing him.  This guy is nuts.
So nuts, in fact, that the courts declared him completely insane and unable to stand trial.  The public prosecutor wants to have that decision reversed, saying he isn’t “completely insane” and deserves prison time in addition to his institutionalized psychiatric care.  I agree that he should pay for his crimes and be held personally accountable for what he’s done.  The fact that he’s out of his gourd doesn’t change the two murders he’s committed.  But everyone should have known this because of his strong religious beliefs.  Believing that imaginary friends are talking to you and telling you to commit horrific acts is proof positive of insanity as far as I’m concerned, but the second you admit to that, you have to be making room in the asylums for a whole host of strong religious fundamentalists who strongly believe that gods tell them what to do.  Is it the insanity that made the religion, or the religion that made the insanity.  I guess I’ll leave all of you Horror Show Sunday readers to decide.

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