Sympathetic Muslims

Please let me know if you’ve come across this but this is a new one on me.  On a religious forum, I came across a couple of people who changed their religious lean to “Muslim”.  These are not people who were previously religious, in fact, several of them were open atheists, but all of a sudden, they are Muslims.  So I asked why and I was told that, because of the perceived hatred that Muslims get in the modern world, that they were changing their lean to show solidarity.  So they’re just being Muslims, not because they actually believe, but out of sympathy for the perceived plight of the Islamic people.

Um… yeah.

Of course, it comes as no surprise that these are also self-proclaimed progressives.  I just wonder how far this kind of thing goes? Are they just doing it on the forum or are they answering other surveys and questionnaires as Muslims as well?  How widespread is this kind of thing?  It’s the first time I’ve knowingly encountered it, but for all I know, it’s been happening all over for a while now.

What about other things?  Could we see straight people “identifying” as gay?  Or transgender?  How about white people “identifying” as black out of sympathy? I mean, we already saw the case of Rachel Dolezal who claimed to be black, even though she wasn’t, and made it up the chain of command of the NAACP.  Where does it end?

This is really why I hate identity politics of all kinds.  People just need to be what they actually are, not what they wish they were.  Their emotional well-being doesn’t change reality.  Hopefully, these crazy non-Muslim pseudo-Muslims won’t go running off to join ISIS or anything, but who can tell?  After all, they don’t have a very good grasp on reality as it is, maybe they’ll decide that their newly-minted Muslimness entitles them to start shooting the “enemy” and strapping on bomb vests and taking out heretics to their cause.  Come on, would any of us really be surprised?

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