Horror Show Sunday: Taliban Kills 22

Those lovable Islamic terrorists in the Taliban are at it again as they murdered 22 at the Bacha Khan University in Pakistan. Of course, this is nothing new for the religious zealots, they target institutions of education all the time.  They were responsible for many other stories I’ve done here on the Religious Horror Show, including a horrible attack on a school in Peshawar in December 2014 where dozens of students and teachers were murdered. They want to stop women from getting an education because these Muslim assholes have small dicks.

And so, four terrorists invaded the Bacha Khan campus with automatic weapons and, shouting “Allahu akbar!” they opened fire and killed 22.  Sure, great job, you Muslim shitheads.  In reality, these people are terrified of the modern world, they want to stop education, they want to stop technology and science, they want to go back and live in caves and bow down to imaginary friends in the vague direction of Mecca.  These people are just idiots.

But I always have people ask how I’d stop them.  I do get very critical of so-called moderate Muslims who always deny responsibility for these acts of terror, but never seem to do much else.  In that, they’re just like western feminists who whine from behind their keyboards but never get off their fat asses to do anything about it.  I’d be very happy to see supposed moderate Muslims go out and blow the ever-loving shit out of the radicals who, at least in their view, are defaming their religion. Declare a jihad against the jihadists.  At least make it look like Muslims take the threat of radicals seriously.  But you never see this, you don’t see Muslim countries sending their militaries out to kill the radicals unless those radicals pose a direct military threat to that country.  We don’t see a coalition of moderate Muslim nations that hunt Al-Qaeda or the Taliban or ISIS across the Middle East.  We don’t see groups of armed Islamic believers going out on their own to take down the radicals because they believe that their precious religion is being smeared.  Nope, they just condemn their actions from behind their keyboards and then go back to their comfortable life, never actually having done anything demonstrably useful.  Sorry, not impressed.

That’s really why this problem isn’t going to go away.  Nobody is willing to go after the root cause.  Nobody even wants to admit that Islam is the cause of the violence.  We’re all too afraid of offending anyone.  Even Muslims who read the Qur’an and know what’s in it, won’t come clean and say maybe there’s something potentially problematic in their holy book.  Instead, we pretend that kissing the ass of Muslims and telling them that they’re all perfect and wonderful, while the more radical factions continually cause murder and mayhem around the world, is somehow going to make things better.  It won’t.  That’s why Muslims are a constant feature on Horror Show Sunday.

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