Horror Show Saturday: Causing Problems

Because throwing rocks at someone until they are dead is such a strong religious value.  Well, it is if you’re a devout Muslim. ISIS murdered four women in the Iraqi city of Mosul, accused of committing adultery.  In reality, experts theorize, “The four women were most likely exposed to sexual abuse at the hands of ISIS militants before being driven out of their homes and transferred to the Sharia Court.” Abdullah al-Malla, a media activist, said, “The statement of the Sharia Court regarding the case of those four women has avoided mentioning the men who have been involved in the alleged adultery. Apparently, the victims have been raped by ISIS jihadis and then stoned to death on charges of committing adultery.”

“The four women were stoned to death on Thursday in front of a large crowd of people in central Mosul,” reported Raafat Zarari, spokesman of the Nineveh media center.  Stoning always brings out the crowds of Muslim nutballs, doesn’t it?

But before you think this is uncommon, just two weeks later, those same fun-loving ISIS animals murdered two teenage girls in Deir ez-Zor, in eastern Syria, for the same crime.  “The execution took place in the Hamidiya district of Deir ez-Zor on Tuesday afternoon, where hundreds of people gathered to witness the stoning of the two young girls,” Ahmed Ramadan told the local news.

The girls were reportedly found with “two strange men”, later identified as Abu Zubair al-Idlbi and Maher Hameed.  The men got 50 lashes.  The girls, Hasna, 17, and Madiha, 16, were murdered in the name of Allah.  Sure, that sounds fair.

Luckily, locals aren’t particularly happy about this, which I suppose signals hope.  “The decision of the Sharia Court raised the anger of Deir ez-Zor’s residents, who considered it unfair to kill the two girls by stoning and merely flog the men and set them free,” said Ramadan.  Now whether that means people are realizing how stupid Sharia and stoning people actually are, or if they think the men should have suffered the same fate is unknown.  Hopefully the former more than the latter but you never know.  So long as Islam is the religion of horrors, murder and Sharia law though, it will be featured prominently on Horror Show Saturday.

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