Horror Show Friday: Making Children Kill

There is no limit to the horrors that the Islamic State will engage in, now they’re brainwashing young children, in this case, a 4-year old, to murdering infidels, and often themselves, in the name of Allah.  Fuck these people.

Isa Dere, son of an Islamic jihadi bride, was featured in a video released by ISIS, in which they stated “We will kill kuffar (non-believers) out there.”  That was a month before young Isa detonated a car bomb, killing four men who were suspected of being British spies.  After being forced into a confession, young Isa is seen pressing the detonator and murdering the men, after which he is shown smiling next to the destroyed car, shouting “Allahu Akhbar.”

His mother, 24-year-old mother Grace, who renamed herself Khadijah after traveling from London to marry a Swedish Islamic terrorist in 2012, is apparently proud of her son.

I wish I could say this is an isolated incident among Muslim terrorists, but we’ve seen groups like Boko Haram already using children as suicide bombers in places like Nigeria.  Any ideology that would send innocent children to their deaths, or use them as murderers, is reprehensible indeed.

So what do we do about it?  That’s a hard question, considering a lot of people on the left refuse to even acknowledge that it’s happening, or calling anyone who points this out for the horror that it is a racist.  You can’t pretend this isn’t religious either. They make it very clear that they are targeting religious non-believers and praising their god when those non-believers are made to die.  Anyone who denies this is simply denying reality.  This isn’t a cultural issue, this isn’t a racial issue, this is a religious issue and this is not a religion of peace, it’s a religion of making infidels into pieces.  Is this something to be proud of or defend?  Not if you read Horror Show Friday.

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