Horror Show Thursday: Bombs on Wheels

You’ve got to watch these people everywhere, even those you might not suspect, because suicide bombers come in all walks, and rolls, of life.  On a flight from Mogadishu to Djibouti, a wheelchair-bound suicide bomber detonated a bomb which blew a door-sized hole in the side of a plane.  One of the passengers, thought to be the bomber himself, was sucked out of the plane, on fire, and was later found in the town of Balad, 20 miles outside of Mogadishu.

Because the bomber was in a wheelchair, security personnel didn’t search him thoroughly, leading to the incident.  Investigators found traces of high grade TNT in the area and suspect that the bomb was concealed in a laptop.  The bombing is thought to be the work of Somalia’s al-Shabaab terrorist group, an ally of ISIS and also the group responsible for crashing a Russian airliner in Egypt last year.

Luckily, thanks to quick thinking and action on the part of the flight crew, they performed an emergency landing and none of the 74 other passengers were killed, although two suffered injuries.  Authorities have named the bomber as Abdullahi Abdisalam Borleh, 55, from Somaliland.

This is one of those cases where things could have been much, much worse.  Because disabled people are such a common sight in Somalia, airport security rarely checks them carefully and it could have been an absolute disaster in this case.  If you’re going to do airport security, you need to do it equally for everyone, no matter how seemingly innocent they might look.  You just never know what kind of religious zealot is going to try to get on your plane with a bomb stuffed somewhere, intent on killing innocent people for their god.  I hate to sound paranoid, but this is just one more case of something really potentially bad happening that only happened because airport security failed to stop it.  When the majority of security checks in American airports fail when tested, what can we expect when some crazy theist with a death wish and a holy mission decides to take down an airliner and the TSA completely misses the boat?

I guess that will just be another day on Horror Show Thursday.

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