Horror Show Wednesday: Islamic State Stakes Claim

One thing that I don’t think a lot of leftists understand about Islam is that Islam contains a bunch of warring factions. We know about the Shia and the Sunni, but the modern Wahhbist splinter group of Sunnism really hates them all.  Terrorist groups like ISIS are based on radical Wahhbist Islamic belief and that brings us to today’s story.

In Damascus, ISIS murdered 76 people in three separate bomb attacks, targeting Shiite Muslims as heretics and apostates from the one true Islam.  The bombings, which took place in Damascus’ Sayyidah Zaynab district, a district that was guarded by the Lebanese Hezbollah group, targeted civilians, not military targets.  A car bomb destroyed a passenger bus, followed by two suicide bombers who set off their explosives in the crowd that gathered at the site of the explosion.  ISIS, of course, claimed responsibility for all three bombings.  Allahu akbar.

But wait, I hear the leftists claim, this was a military attack because they were trying to kill Shiite fighters who had supported Hezbollah and the Syrian army.  Religion has nothing to do with it!  That’s bullshit.  Islam isn’t just a religion, it is an all-encompassing social and political and religious philosophy that pervades every corner of life.  Their political views are colored by Islam.  Their social views are colored by Islam.  Their religious views are Islamic.  There is no difference between politics and religion when it comes to radical Islam.  ISIS wants to rule the world because they want to force everyone to hold their particular sectarian religious beliefs.  So long as the left doesn’t comprehend that, they will never understand what the planet is up against.

But hey, what difference do 76 innocent civilians make in the ideological war of Islam against the rest of the world, right? People die and more people will die so long as we put up with this sick religious belief.  There is no place for respect when it comes to violent religious cults.  If there were, we wouldn’t be in the middle of another entire week of Islamic violence on Horror Show Wednesday.

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