Horror Show Tuesday: Off With His Head

Hey, as long as we’re off to a good start, let’s just make this whole week about Islamic horrors and violence in the name of Allah.  This time, Islamic State fighters behead a 14 year old boy and force his parents to watch after he missed Friday prayers.  The murder, which occurred in the town of Jarablus, Syria, was attended by dozens of people, among them his parents who were forced to stand idly by as their son was murdered in front of their eyes.

This is another case where, as soon as I started talking about it online, the Muslim apologists on the political left started denying that it had anything to do with Islam.  Because a group of radicals called the Islamic State murdering a boy for apostasy for failing to pray to Allah is not at all religious, right?  Do these people listen to themselves?

I will never, ever understand these leftist assholes when it comes to Islamic violence.  The number of excuses they can make for clear barbarity seems endless.  They insist that they know better why these actions are being carried out than the people who are actually carrying out the actions and explaining, in detail, exactly why they did it.  It makes no sense.  But then again, neither  does liberalism.

So that’s another innocent down, how many more to go before someone starts to take radical Islam seriously?  Sure, we bomb ISIS, we attack the Taliban, we go after Al-Qaeda and, let’s be honest, pretty much ignore Boko Haram, but we don’t go after the core of the problem, the radical interpretation of the Muslim religion.  We’re terrified to bring it up.  This “not all Muslims” thing is stupid.  Studies show that upwards of 20% of Muslims support Sharia law and favor the methods of the terrorists. That’s way too many people to be ignored, but in the west, we’re dedicated to ignoring it anyhow.  That’s why things will keep going wrong in this supposed war on terror.  We refuse to acknowledge the cause of the terrorism.  That guarantees many years of content for Horror Show Tuesday.

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